Taito F3 System

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Taito F3 Package System
Also known asTaito F3 System, Taito Cybercore
Release date1992 (1992)
CPUMotorola MC68EC020
SoundMotorola MC68000

The Taito F3 Package System (Taito Cybercore in North America) is a 32-bit arcade system board released by Taito in 1992.


  • CPU: Motorola MC68EC020;
  • Sound CPU: Motorola MC68000;
  • Sound chip: Ensoniq ES5505 and ES5510 (DSP);
  • Video resolution: 320×224;
  • Board composition: Board and F3 cartridge;
  • Hardware features: four scrolling layers, two sprite banks, Alpha blending



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