Taiwan Baseball Summer League

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Taiwan Baseball Summer League
Sport Baseball
Founded 2014
No. of teams 6
Country  Taiwan
Continent Asia
TV partner(s) Videoland
Level on pyramid 1
Official website www.CTBA.org.tw (in Chinese)

The Taiwan Baseball Summer League (Traditional Chinese: 爆米花夏季棒球聯盟), or Popcorn League (Traditional Chinese: 爆米花聯盟), is the top-tier semi professional baseball league in Taiwan. The league was established in 2014.

Current clubs[edit]

Club Chinese Name Joined in
* Veetime 台中威達 2014
Taiwan Power 台灣電力 2014
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合庫金控 2014
National Sports Training Center 國家儲訓 2014
Topco Scientific 崇越隼鷹 2014
Chii Lih Coral li 綺麗珊瑚s 2014

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