Taiwan Education Association Building

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Coordinates: 25°1′53.77″N 121°30′49.88″E / 25.0316028°N 121.5138556°E / 25.0316028; 121.5138556

Taiwan Education Association Building
American Cultural Center Taipei.JPG
Original Taiwan Education Association Building facade
Alternative names American Cultural Center
General information
Location Taipei City, Taiwan
Address No 54, Nanhai Road, Zhongzheng District
Completed 1931
Design and construction
Architect Ide Kaoru

The original Taiwan Education Association Building (Chinese: 原臺灣教育會館; pinyin: Yuán Táiwān Jiàoyù Huìguǎn) was built in 1931 and originally housed exhibits of educational achievements in Taiwan, and served as a venue for regular gatherings. It is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Its design was directed by Ide Kaoru, the chief of the Japanese colonial government's civil engineering section, and was thus quite similar to that of the Taipei Assembly Hall. Its eclectic modern style includes exterior walls with brown face brick and a parapet with washed terrazzo in a geometrical pattern.

When Taiwan was handed over to the Republic of China in 1945, the building for a short time hosted meetings of the provincial assembly. Later, it was rented by the United States Information Service as the American Cultural Center, which moved out when the lease was due.[1]

In 1992, the building was rented by the Scouts of China which is the national Boy Scouts organization in the Republic of China.


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