Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University

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Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University
Type Private
Established 15 June 1989 (as Ging Chung Business College)
25 October 2001 (as THTU)
Location Shoufeng, Hualien County, Taiwan
Website www.tht.edu.tw
Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University
Traditional Chinese 臺灣觀光學院

Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University (THTU; Chinese: 臺灣觀光學院) is a private university in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, Taiwan.


THTC was founded as Ging Chung Business College on 15 June 1989. On 25 October 2001, the college was upgraded to Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University.[1]


  • Department of Chinese Culinary Arts
  • Department of Food and Beverage Management
  • Department of Hotel Management
  • Department of Leisure Management
  • Department of Tourism Management
  • Department of Travel Management
  • Department of Western Culinary Arts


THTU is within walking distance northwest of Fengtian Station on the Taiwan Railways Administration.

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