Taiwan Provincial Government

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Taiwan Provincial Government
Táiwān Shěng Zhèngfǔ
Taiwan Province Government emblem.svg
Seal of Taiwan Province
Agency overview
Formed April 1947[1]
Jurisdiction Taiwan Province
Headquarters Zhongxing New Village, Nantou City, Nantou County
Minister responsible
Website www.TPG.gov.tw
Taiwan Provincial Government
Traditional Chinese 臺灣省政府
Simplified Chinese 台湾省政府
Hanyu Pinyin Táiwān Shěng Zhèngfǔ
Provincial Administrative Building
Hsu Jan-yau, the incumbent Chairperson of the Provincial Government.

The Taiwan Provincial Government (TPG) is the provincial government that governs Taiwan Province of the Republic of China (ROC) which is one of the two provinces it controls, the other being the Fujian Province. The government headquarters are located at Zhongxing New Village, Nantou City, Nantou County.


To takeover Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China on 25 October 1945, the ROC Central Government in Nanking promulgated the Taiwan Province Administrative Official Public Ministry Organization Statute on 20 September 1945. It established the Taiwan Province Administrative Official Public Ministry temporarily under the Executive Yuan to serve as the highest local administrative agency in Taiwan Province on 25 October 1945 and became the Taiwan Provincial Government in April 1947 through a resolution passed during the 784th meeting of the Executive Yuan.

Since the streamlining of the Taiwan Provincial Government in 1998, major operations of the provincial government had been transferred to the Executive Yuan.

Duties and responsibilities[edit]

  • Implement civil administration and institute provincial administrative reform
  • Manage cultural, educational and sports-related matters
  • Promote economic development
  • Conduct vehicle accident appraisals and enhance service performance
  • Handle social, labor, health and environmental protection-related matters
  • Manage and maintain the public facilities of Zhongxing New Village and plan improvements to its overall development
  • Enhance the operation and management of the Taiwan Provincial Information Museum and Library
  • Manage legal matters, review and organize provincial laws and regulations, and conduct touring legal seminars[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Provincial city governments[edit]

County governments[edit]

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