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Taiwan Sugar Corporation
Formerly called
Joint-stock company,
Government-owned corporation of Ministry of Economic Affairs (Taiwan)
Traded as (1237.TW)
Industry Agriculture
Founded 1946
Shanghai City
Headquarters No. 68 Shengchan Rd., East District, Tainan, Taiwan
Area served
Key people
Chairman: 陳昭義
General manager: 楊錦榮
78,288,192,570 NTD
Divisions Marketing Business Division
Hypermarket Business Division
Animal Industry Business Division
Petroleum Business Division 
Sugar Business Division 
Biotechnology Business Division
Agriculture Business Division
Leisure Business Division
Website taisugar.com.tw/english/
Taisugar Headquarters

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC; Chinese: 台灣糖業股份有限公司; pinyin: Táiwān Tángyè Gōngsī) or Taisugar (台糖; Táitáng) is a state-run enterprise of Taiwan, with headquarters in Tainan City.


The corporation was established on May 1, 1946 by the Nationalist government after the handover of Taiwan from Japan to Republican China, by merging all of the sugar companies (Dai-Nihon, Taiwan, Meiji, and Ensuiko Sugar Company) during the Japanese era in Taiwan. In the 1950s and 1960s, sugar was one of the major exports of Taiwan; the corporation remains a major land owner today.

Taiwan's sugar trade, which flourished for almost 400 years, is now a sunset industry. The Taiwan Sugar Corporation has diversified its business into tourism, floriculture, biotechnology, and retailing. It also operates a chain of gas stations and invests in Taiwan High Speed Rail.

TSC sugar plants[edit]


Taiwan Sugar Corporation has five types of developments — Open Bid Construction, Joint Construction, Community Development, Sugar Factory Fields Development, and Student's Dormitory Development. It also owns the Taiwan Sugar Research Institute.

Land ownership[edit]

Taisugar owns 550 km2 of land in Taiwan — 370 km2 are for agricultural purpose and 120 km2 are for contract production.[2]

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