Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

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Taiyō Sentai Sun Vulcan
The title card for Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Toei
Marvel Comics
Starring Ryūsuke Kawasaki
Kinya Sugi
Asao Kobayashi
Shin Kishida
Yumi Nemoto
Takayuki Godai
Narrated by Tōru Ōhira
Opening theme Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan by Akira Kushida
Composer(s) Michiaki Watanabe
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 50
Producer(s) Takeyuki Suzuki
Yūyake Usui
Susumu Yoshikawa
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original network TV Asahi
Original release February 7, 1981 – January 30, 1982
Preceded by Denshi Sentai Denziman
Followed by Dai Sentai Goggle-V

Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan (太陽戦隊サンバルカン Taiyō Sentai San Barukan?, [Note 1]) is the fifth series in Toei Company's Super Sentai tokusatsu television franchise. It was broadcast from February 7, 1981 to January 30, 1982 and is the only Super Sentai series to serve as a direct sequel to its previous series (Denshi Sentai Denziman) and the only all-male Super Sentai team. Its international English title as listed by Toei is simply Sun Vulcan.[1]


The threat of the Machine Empire Black Magma causes the United Nations to establish the Solar Sentai at a summit. From the UN's Guardians of World Peace's (GWP) air force, navy, and rangers, Commander Arashiyama assembles three specialists to become Sun Vulcan. Learning of this, Black Magma attacks the GWP's base, but Sun Vulcan debuts in time to save it. Hell Saturn prays to the Black Solar God and is rewarded with a revived Queen Hedrian, now a cyborg with a mechanical heart and a metallic afro. But plot after plot of Black Magma, even with Hedrian's aid, fails. Following the death of 01, Amazon Killer, a Vader, arrives from space, destroying the Sun Vulcan Base. A new Vulcan Base is built.

The original Vul Eagle, Ryusuke Ohwashi, is replaced by a friend and master of the sword, Takayuki Hiba (who first appeared on episode 21).


Guardians of World Peace (GWP)[edit]

The Japanese branch of the GWP is Sun Vulcan's secret headquarters, with the restaurant Snack Safari and a safari park acting as a front.

Sun Vulcan[edit]

Sun Vulcan is the name of the Guardians of World Peace's Taiyo Sentai, they are the first and only Super Sentai core team to be all-male. Each of the Sun Vulcan members identifies himself before the group says "Shine! Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan!" (輝け!太陽戦隊サンバルカン! Kagayake! Taiyō Sentai San Barukan!?). Ryusuke, Kinya & Asao's last names include the Japanese names of their totem animals.

  • Ryusuke Ohwashi/Vul Eagle I (大鷲 龍介/1初代バルイーグル Ōwashi Ryūsuke/Shodai Baru Īguru?, 1-23): A GWP air force officer whose skills made him the top pilot in the organization. He left to pursue space shuttle research for NASA in the United States.
    • Special moves: Eagle Wings (イーグルウイング Īguru Uingu?), Eagle Diving (イーグルダイビング Īguru Daibingu?), Eagle Fire (イーグルファイヤー Īguru Faiyā?)
  • Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II (飛羽 高之/2代目バルイーグル Hiba Takayuki/Nidaime Baru Īguru?, 23-50): A colleague of Ohwashi and master of kendo. Takayuki took over for Ryusuke after he left for NASA shuttle research. Along with his fellow Red Rangers from Gorenger to Timeranger, Takayuki appeared in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.
    • Special moves: Hiba Gaeshi (Hiba Return), Shin Hiba Gaeshi (New Hiba Return) Secret Sword Style Cross Cut.
  • Kinya Samejima/Vul Shark (鮫島 欣也/バルシャーク Samejima Kin'ya/Baru Shāku?): A GWP naval officer who also an oceangrapher, Samejima spent most of his childhood in Africa. Having lost his parents and younger brother during an altercation, Samejima's hatred for any form of violence motivated him to volunteer for the Sun Vulcan project.
    • Special moves: Shark Washer (シャークウォッシャー Shāku Wosshā?), Shark Diving (シャークダイビング Shāku Daibingu?), Shark Rolling (シャークローリング Shāku Rōringu?), Shark Jaws (シャークジョーズ Shāku Jōzu?)
  • Asao Hyou/Vul Panther (豹 朝夫/バルパンサー Hyō Asao/Baru Pansā?): A GWP army officer who can climb any surface. Despite his courage in battle, he has an unusual fear of dogs - especially CC.
    • Special moves: Panther Galaxy (パンサーギャラクシー Pansā Gyarakushī?), Panther Claw (パンサークロー Pansā Kurō?), Panther Bomber (パンサーボンバー Pansā Bonbā?), Panther Mole (パンサーもぐら Pansā Mogura?), Rolling Panther (ローリングパンサー Rōringu Pansā?), Panther Throw (パンサー投げ Pansā Nage?)


  • Vulcan Brace (バルカンブレス Barukan Buresu?): Sun Vulcan's transformation device. The transformation call is "Sun Vulcan!" (or, for individual members, their codename).
  • Vulcan Stick (バルカンスティック Barukan Sutikku?): The standard-issue weapon for the Sun Vulcans.
  • Vulcan Ball (バルカンボール Barukan Bōru?): A bomb shaped like a volleyball. Vul Eagle kicks it first ("One!"), Vul Panther then passes it ("Two!") to Vul Shark, who throws it in the air ("Three!"). Vul Eagle then yells, "Go!" before jumping over his partners and spiking the ball towards the target.
  • New Vulcan Ball (ニューバルカンボール Nyū Barukan Bōru?): Newer, more powerful version of the Vulcan Ball shaped and thrown like an American football. Used by Sun Vulcan to execute the Triple Cross maneuver.


  • Jaguar Vulcan (ジャガーバルカン Jagā Barukan?): The flying fortress. Its jaws open to let the components of the Sun Vulcan Robo launch.
  • Sun Vulcan Robo (サンバルカンロボ San Barukan Robo?): The first combining Sentai robot, and also the first to "talk" in the form of shouting attack techniques. Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan combine when the command "Combine! Grand Cross!" (合体グランドクロス Gattai Gurando Kurosu?) is given. It is armed with the Solar Sword (太陽剣 Taiyō Ken?) and its finishing attack to destroy monsters is the Aurora Plasma Return (オーロラプラズマ返し Ōrora Purazuma Gaeshi?). Its other weapons are the Vul Shield (バルシールド Baru Shīrudo?), Vul Tonfa (バルトンファ Baru Tonfa?), Vul Hand (バルハンド Baru Hando?), Vulcan Sun (バルカンサン Barukan San?), and Vulcan Cannons (バルカン砲 Barukan Jū?).
    • Cosmo Vulcan (コスモバルカン Kosumo Barukan?): A jet piloted by Vul Eagle. It is stored in the Jaguar Vulcan's mouth. It forms Sun Vulcan Robo's head, upper arms, and body.
    • Bull Vulcan (ブルバルカン Buru Barukan?): A bulldozer-like vehicle with two cockpits; one for the left half and the other for the right half. It is piloted by Vul Shark and Vul Panther and is stored in rear of the Jaguar Vulcan, divided in half. It forms the Sun Vulcan Robo's legs, with the feet storing the forearms.


  • Sand Vulcan (サンドバルカン Sando Barukan?): Vul Eagle's Jeep.
  • Shark Machine (シャークマシーン Shāku Mashīn?): Vul Shark's blue Motorbike.
  • Panther Machine (パンサーマシーン Pansā Mashīn?): Vul Panther's green Motorbike.


  • Daizaburo Arashiyama (嵐山 大三郎 Arashiyama Daizaburō?): The commander of the GWP, an expert at robotics who designed the team's mecha. He is also the owner of the Snack Safari restaurant and he cares for the animals in the zoo that the SunVulcan base is built on.
  • Misa Arashiyama (嵐山 美佐 Arashiyama Misa?): The Commander's daughter, serving as his secretary. In Episode 29, she transforms into Belle Swordswoman White Rose Mask (美剣士白バラ仮面 Bikenshi Shiro Bara Kamen?) (likely through the quick-change talent that she shares with many Super Sentai heroines) to aid the Sun Vulcans in their battle against Red Rose Mask (Rose Monger).
  • CC (シーシー Shīshī?): An intelligent dog cared by the Arashiyamas, trained by Misa to speak fluent Japanese.

Mechanical Empire Black Magma[edit]

Mechanical Empire Black Magma (機械帝国ブラックマグマ Kikai Teikoku Burakku Maguma?) is an organization based at the Iron Claw Castle at the North Pole that worships the Black Solar God. Intending to have its Mechahumans rule the world, Black Magma's technology is advanced enough to cause natural disasters and cause global incidents. However, Black Magma targets Japan in order to obtain the cache of geothermal energy there needed to power their aresenal.

  • The Omnipotent God (全能の神 Zennō no Kami?, 5-50): The true leader of Black Magma, known as the Black Solar God and hinted to have connections to the Incan and Mayan civilizations. He normally communicates to Hell Saturn via an idol.
  • Führer Hell Saturn (ヘルサターン総統 Heru Satān Sōtō?, 1-47, 49-50): Through he rules over Black Magma, he is actually a servant of the Omnipotent God.
  • Queen Hedrian (ヘドリアン女王 Hedorian Joō?, 4-50): Originally the leader of the Vader Clan, she was found frozen at the North Pole by the Omnipotent God and revived as a cyborg with a mechanical heart. As a result, instead of avenging her Vader Clansmen, Hedrian is forced to serve Black Magma as the Omnipotent God's high priestess with Hell Saturn able to shutdown her mechanical heart should she betray them. After Hell Saturn is seemingly destroyed, Hedrian took over the Black Magma leadership until the ghost of her predecessor appeared just when she kidnapped Misa through her sorcery and induced cardiac arrest with the shutdown of her heart She is portrayed by Machiko Soga.
  • Zero Girls (ゼロガールズ Zero Gāruzu?): A quartet of female spies composed 01 to 04. The black suited 02 with cards, the green suited 03 with twin swords and the purple suited 04 with yo-yos. While Zero Girl 01 died, the remaining three survive until they die piloting King Magma during the final battle.
    • Zero Girl 01 (ゼロガール01 Zero Gāru 01?, 1-22): A red suited member of the Zero Girls who functions as active field commander, armed with throwing knives. She is killed as the result of a cavein.
  • Amazon Killer (アマゾンキラー Amazon Kirā?, 23-50): A Vader field officer who came from space, loyal only to Hedrian. Taking Zero Girl 01's place as field commander, Amazon Killer succeeded in destroying the Sun Vulcan's Head Base and did her job very actively in both combat and stealth. After Hedrian's death, Amazon Killer was forced to fight the Sun Vulcan, who came to rescue Daizaburou and Misa. She had them on the ropes, but surviving their combination attack, Amazon Killer took her own life out of refusal of serve Black Magma.
  • Inazuma Gingar (イナズマギンガー Inazuma Gingā?, 45-49): A space pirate known as the "Galactic Invincible Electric Man" (銀河無敵の電気男 Ginga Muteki no Denki Otoko?) who is sought by the Galactic Police. Once Amazon Killer's partner, Inazuma is manipulated into challenging Hell Saturn by her and Queen Hedrian. Inazuma seems to defeat Hell Saturn in episode, allowing Queen Hedrian to declare herself ruler of Black Magma. However, Hell Saturn returns as a ghost and get his revenge by tossing Inazuma into the monster making machine, transforming him into Inazuma Monger who meets his end against the Sun Vulcan team.
  • Dark Q (ダークQ Dāku Kyū?, 1-4, 6-22): A series of spy mechanoids used by Hell Saturn for infiltration and assassinations, stronger than normal humans. Constructed with care, the mechanoids are placed in a torturous combat testing with the survivors branded as Dark Q and must succeed in their missions or be obliterated for failure. About 96 models were made before the 97th was the created as the finalized model for Black Magma to use in its invasion. The 97th posed as Kagayama, becoming Arashiyama's aide to uncover info on Sun Vulcan Robo before she is exposed and ejected from the base before she self-destructs. The 97th model, armed with claws, aided in stealing a dangerous bacteria in Black Magma's scheme to cause conflict. A 98th model was built to kill various important figures considered national treasures in Japan, only to be stopped in her tracks. The 99th model, equipped with a detachable arm that doubles as flame thrower, poses as an officer to obtain the contains of a vault. But her failure to secure it results in her destruction with the 100th model utilized to complete Black Magma's plan to build a fortress underground before she is destroyed by the SunVulcan group. Eventually, the Dark Q series is discontinued.
  • Machinemen (マシンマン Mashinman?): The android grunts in black with the red insignia of Black Magma on their faces. Not to be confused with Seiun Kamen Machineman.


  • Hell Fighters (ヘルファイター Heru Faitā?): Black Magma's black fighter planes with the red insignia of Black Magma.
  • King Magmar (キングマグマー Kingumagumâ?, 50): giant robot controlled by Zero Girls 02, 03 and 04.


  1. The Machine Empire of the North Pole (北極の機械帝国 Hokkyoku no Kikai Teikoku?)
  2. The Day Mankind Is Annihilated (人類が消滅する日 Jinrui ga Shōmetsu Suru Hi?)
  3. The Iron Claw Challenges Japan (日本に挑む鉄の爪 Nihon ni Idomu Tetsu no Tsume?)
  4. The Boy Detective And The Spy (少年探偵とスパイ Shōnen Tantei to Supai?)
  5. The Wicked Sun God (邪悪な太陽神 Jāku na Taiyōshin?)
  6. The House Ruled by Machines (機械の支配する家 Kikai no Shihai Suru Ie?)
  7. Tears of the Beast Batter (野獣バッターと涙 Yajū Battā to Namida?)
  8. Father Sings a Song of Diligence (父が歌う手まり唄 Chichi ga Utau Temameri Uta?)
  9. Papa Became a Monster (怪物になったパパ Kaibutsu ni Natta Papa?)
  10. The Poison Spider Mansion Ambush (待ちぶせ毒ぐも館 Machibuse Doku-gumo Yakata?)
  11. The Mecha Girl of Sadness (哀しみのメカ少女 Kanashimi no Meka Shōjo?)
  12. The Queen Who Eats Diamonds (ダイヤを食う女王 Daiya o Kuu Joō?)
  13. The Living Black Ball (生命を持つ黒い玉 Seimei o Motsu Kuroi Tama?)
  14. The Day the Earth Surrenders (地球が降伏する日 Chikyū ga Kōfuku Suru Hi?)
  15. The Queen's Greed Dance (女王の欲ばり踊り Joō no Yokubari Odori?)
  16. A Demon Runs the Schoolyard (悪魔が校庭を走る Akuma ga Kōtei o Hashiru?)
  17. Ghost Story! The Valley of Goblins (怪談!お化けの谷 Kaidan! Obake no Tani?)
  18. The Surprising Big Star (びっくり大スター Bikkuri Dai Sutā?)
  19. The Dangerous 100-Point Boy (危険な100点少年 Kiken na Hyakuten Shōnen?)
  20. The Machine Wrestler's Trap (機械レスラーの罠 Kikai Resurā no Wana?)
  21. Love Brought by the Sea Breeze (潮風がはこぶ愛 Shiokaze ga Hakobu Ai?)
  22. Tokyo Big Panic! (東京大パニック! Tōkyō Dai Panikku!?)
  23. Galaxy Haunts' Female Commander (銀河魔境の女隊長 Ginga Makkyō no Onna Taichō?)
  24. Hamanako's Nessie (浜名湖のネッシー Hamanako no Nesshī?)
  25. The Hole of the Shocking Sea Serpent (ドッキリ海蛇の穴 Dokkiri Umihebi no Ana?)
  26. Starving Filling Cooking (ハラペコ満腹料理 Harapeko Manpuku Ryōri?)
  27. A Midsummer Night's Great Fear (真夏の夜の大恐怖 Manatsu no Yoru no Dai Kyōfu?)
  28. Is Sukehachi Friend or Foe? (助八は敵か味方か Sukehachi wa Teki ka Mikata ka?)
  29. Pretty Swordsman, White Rose Mask (美剣士白バラ仮面 Bikenshi Shiro Bara Kamen?)
  30. Dream of the Giant Monster's Big Riot (大暴れ夢の大怪獣 Ōabare Yume no Daikaijū?)
  31. Big Tokyo Numbing Ondo (大東京シビレ音頭 Dai Tōkyō Shibire Ondo?)
  32. Arrest the Face-Thief (顔泥棒を逮捕せよ Kao Dorobō o Taiho Seyo?)
  33. The Hateful, Stylish Thief (憎いおしゃれ泥棒 Nikui Oshare Dorobō?)
  34. The Cursed Dead (呪われた亡霊たち Norowareta Bōrei Tachi?)
  35. Friends!? La Cucaracha (友達!?クカラッチャ Tomodachi!? Kukaratcha?)
  36. The Esper (エスパー Esupā?)
  37. Himiko! (日見子よ Himiko yo?)
  38. Asao Hyou's Master Father (豹朝夫のおやじ殿 Hyō Asao no Oyaji Dono?)
  39. Falling on Her Rear, Tomboy Daughter (尻もちおてんば娘 Shirimochi Otenba Musume?)
  40. The Best Friend Assassination Angel (なかよし暗殺天使 Nakayoshi Ansatsu Tenshi?)
  41. Seven Changing Doronpa Raccoon-Dogs (七化けドロンパ狸 Shichi Bake Doronpa Tanuki?)
  42. Daydreams of Boys Who Sleep In (寝坊少年の白昼夢 Nebō Shōnen no Hakuchūmu?)
  43. You Can Become a Genius (君も天才になれる Kimi mo Tensai ni Nareru?)
  44. The Great Escape: Helicopter Explosion (大脱走・ヘリ爆破 Dai Dassō: Heri Bakuha?)
  45. The Galaxy's Invincible Electric Man (銀河無敵の電気男 Ginga Muteki no Denki Otoko?)
  46. The Female Commander's (Secret) Plan (女隊長の(秘)作戦 Onna Taichō no Maruhi Sakusen?)
  47. The Machine Empire's Rebellion (機械帝国の反乱 Kikai Teikoku no Hanran?)
  48. The Stolen Giant Aircraft Carrier (奪われた巨大空母 Ubawareta Kyodai Kūbo?)
  49. The Queen's Last Appirition Art (女王最期の妖魔術 Joō Saigo no Yōma Jutsu?)
  50. Shine, North Pole Aurora (輝け北極オーロラ Kagayake Hokkyoku Ōrora?)


A Sun Vulcan movie was released on July 18, 1981 at the Toei Manga Festival on the same day episode 24 aired. It takes place some time after episode 23.



Opening theme
Ending themes


  1. ^ Taiyō (太陽?) literally translates as "Sun". In the case of the series' title, "Solar" is a closer translation.
  2. ^ The song's title is a play on the word "Sun", which is pronounced the same as San (?) (the Japanese word for "three").


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