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Bridge over the Thouet at Taizon
Mill at Taizon
In the centre of the village

Taizon is a village in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine région of France.


It is situated on the River Thouet some 9 km north of the town of Thouars. The bridge across the Thouet was built in the 13th century, to a romanesque design, and was registered as a historical monument in 1943.[1]

Taizon forms part of the commune of Argenton-l'Église, which lies within the département of Deux-Sèvres. The village of Argenton-l'Église lies 2.5 km to the west of Taizon.[2]


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Coordinates: 47°03′14″N 0°13′50″W / 47.053955°N 0.230649°W / 47.053955; -0.230649