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Literal meaning Grand Ancestor

Taizong is the temple name used for several emperors of China. It may refer to:

  • Tai Jia (fl. 16th-century BC), king of the Shang dynasty
  • Liu Heng (202 BC–157 BC, reigned 180 BC–157 BC), also known as Emperor Wen, Han dynasty emperor
  • Shi Koumi (石寇覓; fl. 295), Shi Hu's father, posthumously honored as Taizong of Later Zhao
  • Li Xiong (274–334, reigned 304–334), also known as Emperor Wu, emperor of Cheng Han
  • Zhang Mao (277–324, reigned 320–324), ruler of Former Liang
  • Sima Yu (320–372, reigned in 372), also known as Emperor Jianwen, emperor of the Jin dynasty (265–420)
  • Fu Deng (343–394, reigned 386–394), also known as Emperor Gao, Former Qin emperor
  • Tuoba Si (392–423, reigned 409–423), also known as Emperor Mingyuan, Northern Wei emperor
  • Liu Yu (439–472, reigned 465–472), also known as Emperor Ming, emperor of Liu Song
  • Xiao Gang (503–551, reigned 549–551), also known as Emperor Jianwen, Liang dynasty emperor
  • Li Shimin (599–649, reigned 626–649), Tang dynasty emperor
  • Yelü Deguang (902–947, reigned 926–947), emperor of Khitan (renamed Liao dynasty during his reign)
  • Wang Yanjun (died 935, reigned 927–935), also known as Emperor Huizong, Min dynasty emperor
  • Duan Siliang (died 951, reigned 945–951), emperor of the Dali Kingdom
  • Zhao Guangyi (939–997, reigned 976–997), Song dynasty emperor
  • Li Deming (981–1032, reigned 1004–1032), ruler of Western Xia
  • Wanyan Sheng (1075–1135, reigned 1123–1135), emperor of the Jin dynasty (1115–1234)
  • Ögedei Khan (died 1241, reigned 1229–1241), Yuan dynasty emperor
  • Zhu Di (1360–1424, reigned 1402–1424), also known as Yongle Emperor and Emperor Chengzu, Ming dynasty emperor
  • Hong Taiji (1592–1643, reigned 1626–1643), emperor of Later Jin (renamed Qing dynasty during his reign)

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