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Tajik passport
The front cover of a post-2010 Tajik biometric passport
Date first issuedFebruary 1, 2010
Issued by Tajikistan
Type of documentPassport
Eligibility requirementsTajik citizenship
2005 Tajikistan Passport

Tajik passports (Tajik: Тоҷик Шиноснома, Toçik Şinosnoma) are issued to citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan to enable them to travel outside the country. It is the international proof of identity of any Tajik citizen.[1]

Biometric passport[edit]

On February 1, 2010, biometric passports were introduced in Tajikistan. Approximately 100,000 blank biometric passports, including 20,000 blank diplomatic biometric passports, 20,000 blank service biometric passports and 60,000 blank ordinary biometric passports were printed.[2] The chip and antenna are not easily visually recognisable, but their presence is indicated using the ICAO biometric passport symbol at the bottom of the front cover.[3]

Tajikistan Biometric Passport: Inside cover


The ordinary Tajik biometric passport is issued to Tajik citizens for 10 years, while the diplomatic and service biometric passports are issued for 5 years for international travel.[2]


There are three types of Tajik passports:



  • Issued to individual citizens who work for the government, in order to travel for state business.


Passport cover[edit]

Pre-biometric Tajik passport covers are blue with the words Republic of Tajikistan inscribed on top of the booklet in Tajik language and also inscribed in English at the bottom. The Tajik coat of arms is emblazoned in the center of the cover page, followed on the bottom by the inscription of the word "PASSPORT" in Tajik and English.[4]

Visa requirements[edit]

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