Tajikistani presidential election, 1999

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Presidential elections were held in Tajikistan on 6 November 1999. They were won by the incumbent, Emomalii Rahmon, who took 97.6% of the vote. The opposition, who had demanded the elections be postponed,[1] and planned to boycott them (but reversed their decision a few hours before voting began), described the result as illegal.[2] Foreign observers were also critical of the elections, particularly regarding the issues of candidate registration, media access and voting irregulatities, including multiple voting.[3]

Turnout was reported to be 98.9% of the 2,866,578 million registered voters.[4]


Candidate Party Votes %
Emomalii Rahmon People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan 2,749,908 97.6
Davlat Usmon Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan 59,857 2.1
None of the above 7,051 0.3
Invalid/blank votes 18,774
Total 2,835,590 100
Source: Nohlen et al.


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