Tajiks in Pakistan

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Tajiks in Pakistan
Total population
(300,000 - 1.2 million (estimated))
Regions with significant populations
Peshawar and north-western Pakistan
Dari, Tajik, Pashto, Urdu, Languages of Tajikistan
Sunni and Ismaili Islam
Related ethnic groups
Tajik people

Tajiks in Pakistan (Urdu: تاجک‎) have inhabited north western valleys which lay adjacent to Tajikistan since ancient time, though many are not counted as ethnic Tajik's due to census irregularities. Small numbers of Tajiks had travelled to what is now Pakistan[citation needed] as technocrats, bureaucrats, soldiers, traders, scientists, architects, teachers, theologians and Sufis during the Islamic Sultanates and Mughal Empire and settled permanently[citation needed]. There are many shrines dotted throughout Pakistan in honour of noted Tajik noblemen. Some Pakistanis claim Tajik ancestry. In recent years, many Tajiks from Tajikistan have also settled in Pakistan due to the economic conditions prevalent in their home country[citation needed], many have settled in the northern city of Ishkuman. In 1979, with the invasion by the Soviet Union of Afghanistan, a large number of Tajik refugees came from Afghanistan and settled throughout Pakistan[citation needed]. Exact numbers are difficult to ascertain as many don't have official identity cards.[citation needed] There also large number of Tajiks from Afghanistan that have settled in Pakistan permanently.[citation needed] Many Tajik refugees from Tajikistan lived in Pakistan and some of them returned to Tajikistan.[1] At least 7.3% of Afghans in Pakistan are ethnic Tajiks.[2] Additionally, there is a sizeable community of Chinese Tajiks in Pakistan.[citation needed]


Tajik Student in Karachi University.

Tajik Students in Pakistan are increasing rapidly due to the sound diplomatic relations between both countries which were established in 1992.[3] Pakistan and Tajikistan both are working very closely to promote education on both sides therefore the Pakistan Study Centre gifted by Pakistani youth for the Tajik youth which was inaugurated by the Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Khalid Usman Qaiser and the Tajik Minister of Education Mr. Abdujabbor Rahmonov at the Oriental Studies Department of the Tajik National University on May 5, 2009. Tajik people prefer Pakistan for education over other countries in Europe or Asia every year, hundreds of them seek admission in different public, private colleges and universities in Pakistan. The Poet of East Muhammad Iqbal national poet of Pakistan was introduced to Tajikistan by a Tajik national, Mirsaid Mirshakar, during the 1950s. Currently there are several students studying in Pakistan in well known state universities such as University of Karachi approx 70 students and few other educational institutions.[4]

Group of Tajik Students in Karachi University.

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