Tajomstvo hier

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"Tajomstvo hier"
Song by Janko Lehotský and Marika Gombitová
from the album Záhradná kaviareň
Language Slovak
Released 1980 (1980)
Genre Pop rock
Length 4:55
Label OPUS
  • Ján Lauko
Audio sample

"Tajomstvo hier" (English: The Secret of the Games) is a song by the band Modus with lead vocals by Janko Lehotský and Marika Gombitová. released on OPUS in 1980.[1]

The single, written by Janko Lehotský and Kamil Peteraj, won the Bronze award at the Bratislavská lýra '80 in the contest of the Czechoslovak authors.[2]

However, the song was initially released as B-side of Gombitová's solo single "Svet stromov" in 1980, in addition also on the Modus fourth set Záhradná kaviareň (1983).[3]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Tajomstvo hier" - Studio version, 1980

Credits and personnel[edit]


Bratislavská lýra[edit]

Bratislavská lýra (English: Bratislava Lyre) was an annual festival of popular songs in former Czechoslovakia, established in 1966 in Bratislava. Two competitions were held; the category of Czechoslovak songwriters and the international contest. Winners were awarded by a golden, silver and/or bronze Lyre (depending on a position). Special prizes included Audience Choice, Journalists Choice, and Lifetime Achievement award. Gombitová won seven awards in total - three golden lyres (1977–78), one of silver (1979) and bronze (1980), plus an Audience Choice award (1977).[2]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1980 "Tajomstvo hier" Czechoslovak Authors Bronze

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