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Union council and town
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Lakki Marwat District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
This is the beautiful scene of summer in Tajori

Tajori is a town and union council of Lakki Marwat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[1] It is located at 32°37'34N 70°34'55E and has an altitude of 319 metres (1049 feet).[2]



The people of Tajori are very active in field politics. This Area is under PK75 and NA 27.

Nowadays MPA from PK 75 is Noor saleem khan and MNA from NA 27 is Ameer ullah marwat.

union council Mayer is Mulana Asghar Ali. Tajori's people supports saif ullah brothers, JUI, PTI and PMLN.

Anwar Saifullah Khan, Salim Saifullah Khan

Humayun Saifullah Khan, and mulana Fazal-ur-Rehman (politician) are the most effected politicians on this region.

Mashran Of Tajori[edit]

As we know that this is a Pakhtun Area and any pakhtun area has their respected Mashran.

Some of them are listed below

1: MNA mulana Aman ullah mirza khel

2: Shafi Ullah Khan Marwat Mirzakhel

3: mulana Asghar Ali mirza khel

4: haji inayat ullah dawar khel

5: haji muhammad khan babo khel

6: Haji Iqbal khan babo khel

7: haji muhib ullah khan bakr khel

8: haji moeen ullah khan aadeen khel

9: Haji faiz ullah khan bakar khel

10: Haji mauz ullah khan dawar khel

11: Haji Amir khan Quraishi

12: Haji khan Badshah Quraishi

13: Chairman Abdullah khan Badul Kel 14: driver Abo khan Baker khel

Buildings and Places[edit]

there many important places in Tajori like civil hospital, police station, Degree college, a lot of private schools and much more.

Degree college[edit]

this degree college is the only source of higher education for the people of Tajori, Bhettani, Tari khel, sulaiman khel, kato khel, khero khel and behraam khel.


tajori hospital is also like Tajori college is the only source of treatment in this area. thousands of people daily come in this hospital for their treatment.

Police Station[edit]

Tajori Police Station has a Wide range of authority.

Education institutions[edit]

In Tajori there are a large number of private schools as well government Schools. Govt High School No 1 has more than thousands students. In the comparison of Govt high school a private higher secondary school has more students and has more than 20 sections.

Some of the institutions are listed below:

1: Govt high school tajori No 1

2: Govt high school tajori No 2

3: suffah public higher secondary School

4: Tajori model higher secondary School

5: Islamia public school

6: Govt Primary school no 1

7: Govt Primary school no 2

8: Govt Primary school no 3

9: Govt Primary school no 4

There are also many newly started schools which are not listed yet.

Coordinates: 32°37′34″N 70°34′55″E / 32.62611°N 70.58194°E / 32.62611; 70.58194