Tak Bai

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Tak Bai

Tak Bai is located in Thailand
Tak Bai
Tak Bai
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 6°15′33″N 102°3′11″E / 6.25917°N 102.05306°E / 6.25917; 102.05306
DistrictTak Bai
 • Total17,317

Tak Bai (Thai: ตากใบ, pronounced [tàːk bāj]) is a border town on Malaysia-Thailand Border, the capital of Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province. Visitors can visit Malaysia by Pengkalan Kubur pass, Kelantan state.

Administratively it is a town (thesaban mueang), and covers 9.14 km² of the subdistrict (tambon) Che He. As of 2007 it has a population of 17,317.[1]

It is the location of the Tak Bai Incident of 25 October 2004 in which at least 85 demonstrators died.


The town was created as a sanitary district (sukhaphiban) in 1956.[2] Like all sanitary districts, it was upgraded to a subdistrict municipality (thesaban tambon) in May 1999. On 31 January 2008 it was upgraded to a town (thesaban mueang).[3]


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Coordinates: 6°15′33″N 102°03′11″E / 6.25917°N 102.05306°E / 6.25917; 102.05306