Taka Ana Pai

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Taka Ana Pai
Directed by Babul Chowdhury
Produced by Suchanda
Starring Bobita
Golam Mustafa
Music by Altaf Mahmud (music)
Gazi Mazharul Anwar (lyrics)
Distributed by Anis Film Corporations
Release date
16 October, 1970
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali

Taka Ana Pai (English: Money, Penny and Shilling) (Bengali: টাকা আনা পাই) is a 1970 Bangladeshi film starring Razzak and Bobita opposite him. It was their second collaboration as a pair after Swaralipi (film). The film was produced by Shuchonda, Bobita's elder sister. It also stars Nutan and Anwara. [1] [2]



The film's music was composed by Altaf Mahmud with lyrics written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar.


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