Takahara River

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Takahara River
Native name 高原川
Country Japan
Basin features
Main source Mount Norikura
2,751 m (9,026 ft)
River mouth Jinzū River
River system Jinzū River
Basin size 781.6 km2 (301.8 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 59.4 km (36.9 mi)
  • Average rate:
    120 m3/s (4,200 cu ft/s)

The Takahara River (高原川?, Takahara-gawa) has its source at Mount Norikura in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and flows into Toyama Prefecture, where it joins with the Jinzū River. It is a Class 1 River.

The river was polluted with cadmium due to mining at the Kamioka mines (神岡鉱山 Kamioka Kōzan) and caused the itai-itai disease in the downstream towns around World War II.

River Communities[edit]

The river passes through or forms the boundary of the following communities:

Gifu Prefecture
Takayama, Hida
Toyama Prefecture


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36°27′42″N 137°14′53″E / 36.461718°N 137.248153°E / 36.461718; 137.248153Coordinates: 36°27′42″N 137°14′53″E / 36.461718°N 137.248153°E / 36.461718; 137.248153 (mouth)