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The mouth of The Resurgence, the spring that drains much of the hill through limestone caves and sinkholes.

Takaka Hill is a range of hills located in the northwest of the South Island of New Zealand. Made of marble[1] which has weathered into many strange forms and with numerous sink holes, it is typical karst country.[2] The Marble is Ordovician in age and from the Takaka Terrane.

There is only one road winding over and around the flanks of Takaka Hill, State Highway 60, following the valleys of the Takaka River to the northwest and the Riuwaka River to the southeast.

It rises to 791 metres at its highest point and separates the coastal communities of Golden Bay from those of the more populous Tasman Bay to the southeast and because of its winding nature isolates Golden Bay from the rest of the South Island.

Takaka Hill is notable for its (now defunct) marble quarry and for many limestone caves and sinkholes, including Ngarua Caves which are open to the public[3] and feature deposits of moa bones.[4] Harwood's Hole, at one time the deepest cave in New Zealand, is also to be found on Takaka Hill.

Many of the caves drain into The Resurgence a spring at the foot of the hill.

Takaka Hill, as many other areas in and around the Golden Bay, has also been the location for many scenes filmed for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.[5]


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