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The moon-viewing turret at Takamatsu Castle

The Takamatsu Domain (高松藩 Takamatsu han?) was a han or feudal domain in Sanuki Province (present-day Kagawa Prefecture), Japan during the Edo period. The domain was governed first by the Ikoma family then by the Mito-Matsudaira clan.


Matsudaira Yoritoshi, the last daimyo of Takamatsu

The Takamatsu domain was founded in 1587, after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's forces subdued Shikoku. The entire province of Sanuki, rated at 173,000 koku, was granted to Hideyoshi's general Ikoma Chikamasa. Because they sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu at the Battle of Sekigahara, the Ikoma retained their fief, and ruled it until 1640, when they were moved to the Yashima Domain because of an uprising. For a time, the territory of the domain was divided between rulers of the neighboring fiefs, but in 1642, the Takamatsu domain was re-formed, this time under the rulership of Matsudaira Yorishige, a son of Tokugawa Yorifusa, the son of Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the first Tokugawa lord of Mito. The Matsudaira of Takamatsu held some degree of influence in the Tokugawa shogunate, and assisted in communications with the imperial court.

In 1868, the forces of Takamatsu fought on the shogunate's side at the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, but were defeated; soon after, Takamatsu itself surrendered to the forces of the nearby Tosa and Marugame domains. Two of the domain's karō, Oga Mataemon and Obu Hyōgo, were executed; the daimyo, Matsudaira Yorishige, was sentenced to solitary confinement for some time, but subsequently released.

Like all the other domains of Japan, Takamatsu was disbanded in 1871. The territory was first known as Takamatsu Prefecture (高松県 Takamatsu-ken?), but later became part of Kagawa Prefecture (香川県 Kagawa-ken?), where its territory remains to the present day.

List of daimyo[edit]

Name Tenure
1 Ikoma Chikamasa (生駒親正?) 1587-1600
2 Ikoma Kazumasa (生駒一正?) 1600-1610
3 Ikoma Masatoshi (生駒正俊?) 1610-1621
4 Ikoma Takatoshi (生駒高俊?) 1621-1640
Name Tenure
1 Matsudaira Yorishige (松平頼重?) 1642-1673
2 Matsudaira Yoritsune (松平頼常?) 1673-1704
3 Matsudaira Yoritoyo (松平頼豊?) 1704-1735
4 Matsudaira Yoritake (松平頼桓?) 1735-1739
5 Matsudaira Yoritaka (松平頼恭?) 1739-1771
6 Matsudaira Yorizane (松平頼真?) 1771-1780
7 Matsudaira Yorioki (松平頼起?) 1780-1792
8 Matsudaira Yorinori (松平頼儀?) 1792-1821
9 Matsudaira Yorihiro (松平頼恕?) 1821-1842
10 Matsudaira Yoritane (松平頼胤?) 1842-1861
11 Matsudaira Yoritoshi (松平頼聰?) 1861-1871