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The Takamura Monogatari (篁物語?, literally "tale of Takamura"), also called the Takamura Nikki (篁日記?, "diary of Takamura") or the Ono no Takamura shū (小野篁集?, "poetic anthology of Ono no Takamura"), is a Japanese uta monogatari that was written any time between the mid-Heian period to the early-Kamakura period.[1] It is in one volume and consists of two distinct sections, of which the first section describes a young Ono no Takamura's tragic love affair with his half-sister.[2] The second section is taken to be by a different author, and is dated somewhat later than the first.[3][1] Both authors are unknown, and the poems attributed in the tale to Takamura are treated as dubious at best.[3]


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