Takayoshi Yoshioka

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Takayoshi Yoshioka
Takayoshi Yoshioka.jpg
Personal information
Born June 20, 1909
Nishihama, Shimane, Japan
Died May 5, 1984
Fuchū, Tokyo, Japan
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight 61 kg (134 lb)
Sport Sprint running

Takayoshi Yoshioka (吉岡 隆徳?, Yoshioka Takayoshi, June 20, 1909 – May 5, 1984) was a Japanese sprinter who in 1935 jointly held the 100 m world record at 10.3 seconds. Four other men had clocked 10.3 s in 1935 or earlier, and Takayoshi was the only Asian person among them. He competed in various sprint events at the 1932 and 1936 Olympics and finished sixth in the 100 m in 1932.[1] In retirement Yoshioka worked as an athletics coach.

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Naoto Tajima, Takayoshi Yoshioka and Ikuko Yoda