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Takashi Hikino (曳野 孝 Hikino Takashi?, born in Osaka, Japan) is associate professor of industrial and business organization at the Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University where he teaches industrial organization, business economics, and corporate strategy, and comparative management since 1998.[1] He attended Hitotsubashi University, where he studied at the Graduate School of Sociology(B.A(1973). and M.A.(1975))[2]

His best known work is *Big Business and the Wealth of Nations (edited by Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Franco Amatori, and Hikino, ISBN 0-521-48123-6) Sources:[1][3]

He also teaches Japanese Business and Economic Development to American students at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies. Hikino is loved for his sense of humor and general sarcasm.[citation needed]

In a 1998 article in World Policy Journal, "What can an activist government do?",[1] Hikino and co-author Alice Amsden contended that East Asian governments would rebound from the ongoing currency crisis, and that in order to hasten that rebound they shouldn't take to heart the advice they were getting from the western industrialized powers, because "this is what got them into trouble in the first place."

East Asian companies have developed a system that is more reliant on activist government than that of the "North Atlantic" economies, the article said.



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Selected articles[edit]

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  • "The Fall of the U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry: An American Trade Tragedy" by Philip J Curtis; Takashi Hikino in Business history review. 70, no. 4, (1996): 616
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