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Takashi Inoguchi (猪口 孝, Inoguchi Takashi, born January 17, 1944 in Niigata, Niigata) is a Japanese academic researcher of foreign affairs and international and global relationships of states. He is also a professor emeritus of University of Tokyo. He is the president of University of Niigata Prefecture since April 2009 ( majoring in public executive affairs in Japan and local autonomy).


After graduating from Niigata municipal high school, he began his student life in Tokyo University, majoring in the international relations. Inoguchi finished his schooldays and gained his bachelor degree in 1966. After 3 years' education in graduate school, Inoguchi was invited to Sophia University, as an academic assistant. There he encountered with Kuniko Inoguchi and both fell in love. Their co-research progressed in personal intimacy. After Inoguchi's transfer to the research institute to Tokyo University, Institute of Oriental culture, they got married.

Research papers and other activities[edit]

Inoguchi is a well-known author in Japan and has numerous books in print.

With no co-editorial[edit]

  • Comparative Researches on the style of the state diplomacy - China, UK and Japan -: (1978)
  • The figure of international politics and economic relations: (1982)
  • The dragonfly and peas (In original, Tombo to Edamame, nani ga yume wo kanaeru no ka ): the realization of our dreams: ( 2005 )

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