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The Takatof Programme for Social Volunteering is a nationwide volunteering initiative in the United Arab Emirates.[1] It is one of the principal initiatives of the Emirates Foundation,[2][3] a charitable organisation established in 2007 in the UAE under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces. Takatof was launched in Abu Dhabi in April 2007 with an inaugural school renovation event.[4]

Takatof is working to create a culture of volunteering throughout the UAE. It offers all residents of the country an opportunity to volunteer in an Emirati environment through activities that promote community involvement, national identity and citizenship.


Takatof’s mission is to mobilize people and resources throughout the UAE to find creative and sustainable solutions for proven community needs. Takatof particularly offers young people meaningful opportunities to volunteer for humanitarian, social and community programmes.[1]


In promoting volunteering, Takatof seeks participation by citizens and all those living in the UAE, with special emphasis on young people as volunteers.

  • Strategic initiatives: Takatof seeks collaborative opportunities with other social organizations, so as to involve volunteers in meeting important local needs.
  • Building capacity: Takatof is responsible for the development and delivery of training for volunteers, agencies and the general public, through a variety of activities.
  • Connecting people: Takatof acts as a clearing-house[disambiguation needed], helping to connect people with relevant volunteer opportunities across the seven Emirates.

Core Values[edit]

Takatof’s core values are at the heart of everything done including:

  • Commitment to social responsibility and public service.
  • Adherence to strict integrity and ethics.
  • Deep involvement in the community.

Takatof Projects[edit]

  • Takatof for School Renovation:

This programme gives volunteers unique opportunities for semi-skilled work in revamping schools – painting, cleaning, gardening and site cleaning, as well as replacing furniture and modernizing library and laboratory facilities. This project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council and related institutions.

  • Volunteering in the Health Sector:

Volunteers for this programme perform highly useful health and administrative activities at hospitals and health centres, such as providing personal support, guidance and other services for patients, as well as receiving visitors and helping nursing staff.

  • Takatof for Special Needs:

Participation in this programme provides frequent opportunities for volunteers to utilize their leisure time through voluntary work for people with special needs. This develops their skills and life experience through humanitarian action, in collaboration with the various UAE centres for special needs.

  • Takatof Ramadan Project:

This annual programme enables volunteers to list the needs of needy and disadvantage families before the beginning of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, in order to provide nominated families with supplementary food, school and health needs. The volunteers also teach the culture of saving, in order to help the families to improve their living conditions.

  • Takatof House Renovation Survey:

This project was initiated as a follow up to the Takatof – Ramadan project (above) in which Takatof conducts case studies of families who have benefited from the Ramadan project, to assess their actual needs. The most recent survey was conducted by Takatof volunteers. It showed that house renovation has become the major requirement for most families living in the Northern Emirates.

  • Takatof International Volunteering Programme:

This programme offers volunteers an opportunity to develop their skills and experiences outside the country, while taking part in socially responsible activities. This initiative is based on extensive cooperation with major partners who are well respected for their volunteering expertise on a global level.


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