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The Takatomi Domain (高富藩, Takatomi han?) was a feudal domain of Japan in the Edo period. Located in Mino Province and the domain's land surrounds the present-day Yamagata, Gifu Prefecture.


The Takatomi Domain was officially established in 1705 when Honjō Michiakira was given control of the surrounding area. The domain was not long lasting, however, as it became Takatomi Jin'ya in 1709.

When the han system was abolished in 1871, the area became Takatomi Prefecture. In the following year, it merged with Gifu Prefecture.


Honjō clan
  1. Honjō Michiakira (本庄 道章)
  2. Honjō Michinori (本庄 道矩)
  3. Honjō Michitomo (本庄 道倫)
  4. Honjō Michikata (本庄 道堅)
  5. Honjō Michinobu (本庄 道信)
  6. Honjō Michiaki (本庄 道揚)
  7. Honjō Michitosi (本庄 道利)
  8. Honjō Michimasa (本庄 道昌)
  9. Honjō Michitsura (本庄 道貫)
  10. Honjō Michiyoshi (本庄 道美)

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