Takatsuki Station (Osaka)

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Takatsuki Station
Takatsuki Station04n2580.jpg
Station building (north side) and bus station
Location 1-1, Hakubaicho, Takatsuki, Osaka
Coordinates 34°51′6.17″N 135°37′3.65″E / 34.8517139°N 135.6176806°E / 34.8517139; 135.6176806Coordinates: 34°51′6.17″N 135°37′3.65″E / 34.8517139°N 135.6176806°E / 34.8517139; 135.6176806
Operated by JR West
Line(s) Tōkaidō Main Line (JR Kyoto Line)
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1876
View from the deck seen on the picture above

Takatsuki Station (高槻駅 Takatsuki-eki?) is a railway station located in Hakubaicho, Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It serves the JR Kyoto Line (Tōkaidō Main Line) of West Japan Railway Company. The distances to major stations are 21.2 km to Osaka Station, 21.6 km to Kyoto Station and 535.7 km to Tokyo Station. Takatsuki Station is one of the transportation hubs in the city of Takatsuki.[1]


All trains of the regional service of the JR Kyoto Line, i.e., Special Rapid Service, Rapid Service and local trains, stop at the station. Express and limited express trains, such as Super Hakuto and Haruka, do not make stop at Takatsuki.[2]

Some Special Rapid Service trains that stop at this station also stop at another Takatsuki Station in Takatsuki, Shiga Prefecture.[2]


Takatsuki station opened when the railway between Osaka and Kyoto started provisional operation between Osaka Station and Mukōmachi Station on July 28, 1876.[1] Since the railway was first built with single track, the location of Takatsuki Station in the middle of Osaka and Kyoto was suitable for trains of both directions cross each other.

Station facilities[edit]

Takatsuki Station has two island platforms that enable passengers to transfer easily between local and rapid trains. It has separate tracks for passing trains as well. Stairs, escalators and elevators connect the two platforms to the upper level concourse. The station provides automated and window services for passengers including seat reservation.[3]

1  JR Kyoto Line limited express "Haruka" and special rapid services for Kyoto and Kusatsu
2  JR Kyoto Line rapid services for Kyoto and Kusatsu
3  JR Kyoto Line local trains for Kyoto
4  JR Kyoto Line local trains for Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Sannomiya and Takarazuka
5  JR Kyoto Line rapid services for Shin-Osaka, Osaka and Sannomiya
6  JR Kyoto Line special rapid services for Shin-Osaka, Osaka and Sannomiya
 Kansai Airport Line limited express "Haruka" for Kansai Airport

By the bus terminals attached thereto, the station is connected with many locations in Takatsuki, as well as Hirakatashi Station on the Keihan Main Line in Hirakata, Osaka, across the Yodo River.[4]


There is an extensive shopping district between Takatsuki Station and Takatsuki-shi Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line).[5] There are also department stores, Seibu and Matsuzakaya, around the station.[6][7]

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tōkaidō Main Line (JR Kyoto Line)
Shimamoto   Local   Settsu-Tonda
Nagaokakyō   Rapid Service (in the morning)   Ibaraki
Shimamoto (as local trains)   Rapid Service
(after the morning)
Kyōto   Special Rapid Service   Shin-Ōsaka


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