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Takaungu is a small rural village located on the Kenyan Coast between Mombasa and Malindi, in Kilifi County. It is 10 kilometres south of the Kilifi town, in the Kikambala division. The town has population of 1500 [1] . Fishing and a local coral quarry are the predominate industries. The population consists of Swahili Muslims, mostly living in or near the town center and a sizable Christian community in the shambas or countryside that surrounds it.

The primary languages are Kigiriama, used predominantly by the local Giriama tribe (part of the broader group of Coastal tribes called Mijikenda, meaning "nine villages") and Kiswahili.

The regional headquarters of a non-governmental development organization, the East African Center, are located in Takaungu and more information about the area is available on the group's website (www.eastafricancenter.org).

Coordinates: 3°41′S 39°51′E / 3.683°S 39.850°E / -3.683; 39.850

Prof Ali Mazrui attended his Primary education at Takaungu Primary School.

Ahmed Abdalla Mazrui the former deputy Governor Central Bank of Kenya was born in Takaungu. His son Ahmed Abdallah is a prominent lawyer working at his firm in Mombasa

Shariff Alwi Mohammed Alwi Bafagih one of the well known civic leader, religious and community leader in the Coast province represented this ward since independence until 1988.

The Milad-Un-Nabi (in Takaungu) an annual Islamic ceremony conducted to commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammad is the third largest after Lamu and Mambrui.

Said Omar Athman Errey a renowned Public Accountant and Auditor was born and raised in Takaungu. Mr. Errey's firms are both located in Nairobi and Mombasa where he is teamed (partnership/association). Both firms are named after him i.e. Athman Errey and Co.

Two other personalities are Sabur (Saburi) and Ali Omar Athman (elder brother of Said Omar Athman Errey) were once most profolic football players and featured in top class football teams such as Dundee, Leeds United, Feisal and Ngome (Bismarck), both teams were in Mombasa. In addition, from Takaungu is Omar Abdillahi (Sheikh Obeid) O. Athman, who is also known as Kuzemoto. Omar is an IT specialist who worked in Canada before relocating back to Kenya with vast business interests in Technology, Motorbikes, Tuk-Tuk and long distance transportation which caters for Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan and Democratic Rep. of Congo.

Takaungu has had its fair share in the Kenyan Political arena especially before independence. It was the only village between Mombasa and Malindi that had a Liwali. All cases between these two major towns were being resolved at Takaungu.