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Qualification tab for Iranian Rangers

Takavar (Persian: تکاور‎‎; lit. Galloper, plural: Takavaran) is the term used for a member of Iranian Armed Forces who is trained for special operations.

The name can be referred to members of regular units who have successfully ended Commando or Ranger training courses and Marines trained as S.B.S.;[1] or the hand-selected and highly trained members serving in special forces.

Takavar units[edit]

Revolutionary Guards[edit]

Takavar unit S.N.S.F. in Great Prophet IX maneuver, 25–27 February 2015

In the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, one of 5 branches, elite Quds Force specializes in extraterritorial operations.[2] In the Ground Forces, Saberin Battalion is the most famous special unit.[3][4] Revolutionary Guards Navy has its own Special Units of marines.[5]


The Hostage Rescue Unit of NOHED
A Navy marine sniper wearing a ghillie suit

Ground Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran Army units whose members are trained at Lashkarak Takavar Training Centre:

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy green beret marines (Persian: تکاوران دريايي‎‎) whose members are trained at Manjil Takavar Training Centre:

During the reign of Shah. much of the naval training was created by members of the Spetznas and Special Boat Service.[6] Training is at least a 12-month process. After the recruit demonstrated the minimum physical requirements, he is sent to a collection of schools.[7]


In the Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran, special forces are known as Yegan Vijeh (Persian: يگان ويژه‎‎). Anti-Terror Special Force (NOPO) is the most elite unit within the force.[8]

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