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Take 21
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
WebsiteTake 21
Formerly: Toronto Student Film Festival

Take 21, previously Toronto Student Film Festival or TSFF, is an annual event for youth to showcase their talent in a variety of short film genres. Take 21 has attracted film makers from several countries. Prizes have focused on work experiences in the industry, scholarships to film making programmes, money, and film equipment.[1]


In the fall of 2005, three grade twelve students from Crescent School in Toronto, Ontario, approached their teacher, Jamie MacRae, with the idea of creating a new student film festival specifically designed to showcase youth talent, and creativity. The festival would provide an opportunity for students from any part of the world to screen their media works and short films. The TSFF Founding Committee was made up of these three Crescent School students – Zack Russell, Gordon Steiner, and David Whyte, Jamie MacRae (Head of Media Arts, Crescent School, Colin Lowndes Head of Crescent’s Upper [High] School, and entertainment executive Pat Macdonald.

Past Finalists[edit]

2014 Finalists[edit]

Film Title Director(s) Award(s)
Niche Benjamin Searle Vistek Award for Best Cinematography

CBC Documentary Channel Award for Best Documentary

Fairway Matias Bolla
Take Your Son to Work Day Spencer Soares Best Canadian
Backfired Bronsen Bloom
Up in Flight Taylor Nullmeyer
The Gutter Dwarf Is In Your Backyard Max Parr
A Story of Youth and Science Nicole Cedic Toronto Youth Shorts Best Toronto
James Jonah Haber Independent Producers Studio Award for Best Film Ages 12–17
Phamtasms Chew Keng Hao Best Editing

Vistek Award for Best Film

What's Your Secret to Long Life? Eszter Jánka
And Furthermore Julian Dime Raindance Award of Excellence
Wanda Carolyn Duchene Best International
Dundas West Will Monohan People's Choice
Like Father, Like Son Alex Howat Special Jury Ages 12–17
Nana Likes the Good Shit Jamie Rice
Black Rock Creek Malone Lumarda
Seek in the Dark Adrian Wong
Over Easy Adam Bovoletis
Criterion Dylan Vogel Max the Mutt Award for Best Experimental

Toronto Youth Shorts Best Toronto

My Last Day At Work Sean Singh Toronto Youth Shorts Best Toronto
For Her Bradley Stearn
Cup Spoon Pencil Zach Silverstein
Pseudo Evolution Alexandre Juruena Best Sound Editing

Best Animation

Remember This View Grant Singer Celtx Best Writing

2013 Finalists[edit]

Film Title Director(s) Award(s)
Forever Under A Fantasy Jack Hochschild Best Film

Best Writing

Mixdown Dylan Vogel Best Sound Editing
Listen. Scott Rohwer
Open Letter Theo Schear Best Documentary
Hong Gan Darren Tan Best International

People's Choice

The Painted Girl Ben Kadie
Cookie Thief Miles McCraw Best Comedy
Notes of Hers Blake Michael
e Mathew Murray, Dmitry Lopatin
Standing Still Owen Grove
Done Jesse Bostick
Au Moins il Reste Du Rhume Charles Gariepy Best Animation
Make It Out Raw Art Wrks
Le Joie De Vivre Jeremy Vassiliou
Occurrence At Blue Hills Reservation Spencer Wardwell
Partir De Billard David Laplante Dieumegarde
Canadian Winter Luke Fenton Best Canadian
Dirty Love Max Parr Best Editing

Celebrity Jury Selection

Phantom Of The Human Brain Scott Jenner
Derrick Braden Batsford Best Cinematography
Shadowman Maria Cusanamo
Weight Zach Silverstein Best Drama

2012 Finalists[edit]

Film Title Director(s) Award(s)
Ostrichcized Ben Brook Special Jury Selection
Frank and Celeste Charlie Redd Special Jury Selection
Race of the Dead Jesse Bostick
David Ben Roberts
iRony Chris Finn
Concealed Misha Scott Best Drama
Brain Drain Joseph Milando
Independence In Sight Lauren Lindberg Best Documentary
Every Bone Sarah Devlin Best Experimental
Family Portrait Julia Galle
Moustache Boy Jahar Aronija
Mined Over Matter Peter Lilly
Nocturnal Matter Keaton Manning
We Real Cool Gabriel Rodriguez Fuller
Doppler Affect Spencer Barton
Late Pass Max Parr Best Film

Best Writing
Best Editing
People's Choice Award

Seizing the Homefront Eric Hayes Best Film Ages 12–16

Best Animation

Free Daily Matt Raymond

Thompson Garrow

Best Cinematography
Le Petit Chef Sarah Martin
Getaway Alyssa Evans Best Sound Editing
Sledge Adam Zivo
Growing Up Jack Schwartz TSFF Executive Committee's Choice Award
Bedroom Brawl Zach Silverstein
Blue Skies Megan Bercaw
Strophe/Antistrophe/Catastrophe Sarah Devlin
Think Brilliance Diego Hernandez De la Rocha

2011 Finalists[edit]

Film Title Director(s) Award(s)
A Divorce Beini Huang Best Film
Plastic Man Max Parr Best Canadian Film

Best Sound Editing

Rice Ngee Ann Special Jury Selection
Lovely Bloodflow N/A Best Music Video
Crater Face Skyler Page Best Writing
Gatfish N/A Best Documentary
Charlie Don't Serve Josh Thomas Best Animation
Pretending Claire Morse Best Film Ages 12–17
Hunger Pains Oliver Lauder Best Editing
Sparks Adam Bovoletis

Adam Takacs
David Ledvinka
Emily Badgley

Best Cinematography
The Melancholy Nature of Magnetic Fields Nicola Humon
Ca Me Motive Ben McKinnon
Fun and Games Adam Zivojinovic
Whatever It Takes Catherin Maltais
Enza & Thom Jesse Bostick
Fathom Veronica Brown
You'll Feel Better Jeremy Sickels
What You Become Chris Finn
Shoot, Edit, Crash Ben McKinnon
Pennies Erika Verhagen
Black Balloon Neve Dickson
Hair Affair Alex Metcalfe
Words of a Poetaster Ian Welty
MacReel Oli Girling

Past Judges[edit]


Sarah Goodman
Maxine Bailey
Kass Banning


Ron Mann
Susan Coyne
Richard Crouse


Jesse Wente
Martha Burns
Ron Mann


Sarah Polley
Jane Tattersal
Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas


Niv Fichman
Deepa Mehta
Paul Gross

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