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Take Flight, LLC is a clothing brand founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, United States[1] that makes custom apparel for fans and practitioners of parkour all around the world.

Take Flight, Inc.
Private company
Industry Clothing
Founder Adam Dunlap
Headquarters Washington County, Oregon, United States
(near Portland)
Area served
Key people
Adam Dunlap
(founder and CEO)
Products T-shirts and apparel
Website TakeFlightApparel.com


The company is currently endorsed by athletes including Joey Adrian and Toby Segar. Take Flight has a team known as the Flow Team. They also have an international team who sponsor the label. Take Flight was at one point endorsed by David Belle,[2] until he severed his ties to the brand because he disapproved of their business activities and motives.

Traceurs (practitioners of parkour) worldwide can also apply to be part of the Take Flight Affiliate program.


In 2011, controversy arose when Take Flight promoted their public connection to David Belle. Many believed the company was impersonating Belle for marketing reasons.[3] This was due in part to information suggesting that Belle's website was hosted on Take Flight's hosting account. The connection between Belle and Take Flight has yet to be publicly commented on by the company, although a picture of David Belle and Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap was posted on Belle's Facebook page.[4] The picture along with the accompanying text suggested that Belle is involved with Take Flight, as the company, and as Belle's website claim.[5]

In 2013, it was noted that all references to Take Flight had been removed from Belle's website, and all references to a connection with Belle were removed from Take Flight's website.


Take Flight is known for its classic parkour tees, as well as sweatshirts and sweatpants. The company also has non-clothing merchandise such as movies, DVDs, books and posters. The company uses quotes like "Flow Like Water" on many of its tee-shirts.


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