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Take Fo' Records is an independent record label from New Orleans which specializes in Bounce music. The label was founded in 1992 by Earl J. Mackie, Eldon Anderson, Terry Wilburn and Henry F. Holden. DaShaRa was the labels first group and one of the first duo females rap artist in New Orleans. DJ Jubilee is perhaps its best known artist, but the label has also released music by Choppa, Baby Boy Da Prince (one of Choppa's dancers & his younger brother), Brittany Ni'Cole (Choppa's younger sister), Willie Puckett (one of Jubilee's dancers), Katey Red, Big Al & Lil Tee, KC Redd, Tec-9 (formerly of group UNLV), and Junie Bezel. The label formed as an outgrowth from a local Public-access television cable TV show which focused on 'positive' hip-hop. The labels first releases featured Da'Sha'Ra' and DJ Jubilee, respectively.[1][2]

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