Take London

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Take London
Herbaliser TakeLondon albumcover.jpg
Studio album by The Herbaliser
Released 31 May 2005
Genre Jazz, hip hop
Length 60:41 (ZENCD098)
77:59 (ZENCD098X)
Label Ninja Tune
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Solid Steel Presents Herbal Blend
Take London
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Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Take London is the 7th album released by The Herbaliser, released in 2005 (Cat. no: ZENCD098). A second version was also released which contained a second disc (Cat. no: ZENCD098X) containing 5 bonus tracks.

Disc one[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Take London (Intro)" 0:32
2. "Nah' Mean, Nah'm Sayin'" (Jake Wherry, Ollie Teeba, Tsidi Ibrahim, Trout; featuring Jean Grae) 4:01
3. "Song for Mary" (Wherry, Teeba, Trout) 5:16
4. "Generals" (Wherry, Teeba, Ibrahim, Rodney Smith, O'Callaghan, Jenkin Jr. II, Kain, Ramirez[note 1]) 3:55
5. "Gadget Funk" (Wherry, Teeba) 4:07
6. "Failure's No Option" (Wherry, Teeba, Adey; featuring Cappo) 3:01
7. "Lord Lord" (Wherry, Teeba, Smith; featuring Roots Manuva) 4:08
8. "The Man Who Knows" (Interlude) 0:21
9. "Kittyknapper" (Wherry, Kaidi Tatham, Andrew Ross, Teeba) 2:37
10. "Geddim'!!" (Wherry, Teeba) 4:56
11. "If You Close Your Eyes" (Wherry, Teeba, Ibrahim, Ralph Lamb, Ross; featuring Jean Grae) 4:25
12. "Sonofanothamutha" (Wherry, Teeba, Cuba, Lamb, Ross) 8:17
13. "Twice Around" (Wherry, Teeba, Lamb, Ross; featuring Jean Grae) 3:56
14. "I Know a Bloke" (Interlude) 0:21
15. "8 Men Strong" (Wherry, Teeba) 5:14
16. "Serge" (Wherry, Teeba, Katherine; featuring Katerine) 5:34
^[note 1] First verse: Trap Clappa; Second verse: Cheech Marina; Third verse: Daddy Mills; Fourth verse: A.K.; Fifth verse: MacGuyver - Private E1; Sixth verse: Jean Grae

Disc two[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "More Tea, More Beer" (featuring Jean Grae) 2:37
2. "Meteroic" (featuring Cappo) 2:50
3. "I Am" (featuring Wildflower) 4:06
4. "How To Keep a Girlfriend" (featuring Jean Grae) 4:15
5. "None Other" (featuring Cappo) 3:30


  • "Take London (Intro)" features samples from the film The Long Good Friday (1980).
  • "Song For Mary" contains a sample from Mina's "Un bacio è troppo poco".