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Take Me Out
GenreDating game show
Presented byPaddy McGuinness
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series10
No. of episodes92
Production location(s)
Running time60–90 minutes (inc. adverts)
Production company(s)
Original networkITV
Picture format16:9 (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
Original release2 January 2010 (2010-01-02) –
Related showsTake Me Out: The Gossip
The Love Machine
Blind Date
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Take Me Out is a dating game show presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness. Based on the Australian show Taken Out, it began airing on ITV in the United Kingdom and simulcast on TV3 in the Republic of Ireland on 2 January 2010. An unscreened pilot episode was made for Channel 4 in 2009, but it was ITV who picked it up for a series. The show is produced by Thames (formerly Talkback Thames). The show is currently sponsored by Match.com, as of 2018.

The first series was recorded at Granada Studios in Manchester, but has since been recorded at The Maidstone Studios in Maidstone, Kent, as it offered increased space and capacity for audience members.[1]

In 2012, the show introduced a spin-off show entitled Take Me Out: The Gossip, which aired on ITV2 and was co-hosted by Zoe Hardman and Mark Wright in 2012 and 2013. It did not air in 2014, but returned in 2015 with Wright joined by new co-host Laura Jackson.[2]


The objective of the show is for a single man to obtain a date with one of thirty single women. The women stand on stage underneath thirty white lights, each with a button in front of them. A single man is then brought down on stage via the 'Love Lift' and tries to persuade the women to agree to this date in a series of rounds, playing a pre-recorded video discussing his background, displaying a skill (such as dancing or playing a musical instrument), or playing another video in which the man's friends or family reveal more about his virtues and philosophy.

At any point during the rounds, the women can press the button in front of them to turn off their light if they do not believe a date with this man would be constructive to their well-being and if this occurs, their area of the stage will turn red. If, at the end of three rounds, there are still lights left on, the bachelor will turn off all but two of the remaining lights himself. He will then have a chance to ask one question to the last two women, before choosing which woman he wants to go on the date with by turning off one more light. If the man is left with two lights at the end of round 3, he will just ask his question to the two remaining women and if there is only one light left at the end of round 3, he will go on the date with that girl without asking her his question. There are usually four men brought on in the course of a single episode, though on some occasions segments have been cut and only three men have been shown.

If all the women turn off their lights before the end of the third round - this is referred to as a "blackout" - then the man must leave the show without going on a date, accompanied by the Céline Dion version of the hit Eric Carmen song "All by Myself". In the first series, the successful couples conducted their date at FERNANDO'S! in Manchester, which is actually Club Bijou on Chapel Street, the outcome of which is shown as part of the following week's show. For the second series, the date took place abroad on the Isle of FERNANDO'S!, a fictional location based in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.[3] Previously the date took place in Cyprus. Successful couples leave the programme upstairs on the opposite side of the studio to the 'Love Lift', and a song, usually from the latin pop genre, will be played.[4]

Comedic value is mostly provided by McGuinness's array of catchphrases such as "Let the (object) see the (object)", "No likey, no lighty!", "If you're turned off, turn off", "If he's not Mr Right, turn off your light", "Get out there, turn one girl off and take one girl out!", "Come and get some Paddy love!", "The isle of...FERNANDO'S!".

Round 1[edit]

In this round the man comes down the love lift. He meets the girls and then says his name and where he is from. Paddy repeats but afterwards with one of catchphrases. Then the girls can turn off their light. From series 7 onwards, they have to write down a 'love at first light' from the girls who had left their lights on.

Round 2[edit]

This includes a pre-recorded video presented by the man. It sometimes includes interviews with his friends and family. It describes his personality and what they do. At any point the girls can turn off their light.

Round 3[edit]

In this round the man shows a skill in the studio. Alternately their friend or family can say a secret. At any point the girl can turn off their light.

Round 4[edit]

In this round the man turns off the lights of the remaining girls until just two are left lit. Alternatively, if there is only one or two girls left from round 3 then round 4 is skipped entirely.

Round 5[edit]

In this round the man asks the girls who are remaining a question. The man then turns off the light of one girl. Paddy questions the chosen girl if they would rather know the man's 'love at first light' or not. Then they meet, go up the big stairs opposite the love lift and have a backstage interview. Alternatively, if only one girl remains lit from round 3 then the man gets to choose between her and a "mysterious girl", who remains unseen until he makes his choice.


Original series[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes Average viewers
1 2 January 2010 20 February 2010 8 4.83
2 11 December 2010 19 March 2011 14 4.63
3 7 January 2012 7 April 2012 14 4.81
4 6 October 2012 15 December 2012 10 3.29
5 5 January 2013 23 February 2013 8 4.06
6 4 January 2014 22 February 2014 8 3.64
7 3 January 2015 7 March 2015 10 3.05
8 2 January 2016 5 March 2016 10 3.00
9 15 April 2017 3 June 2017 8 3.11
10 6 January 2018 24 February 2018 8 TBA


Date Entitle
15 December 2012 Celebrity Christmas Special
20 December 2013 Over 50s Text Santa Special
31 December 2016 Celebrity Specials
19 February 2017
24 February 2018 10th Anniversary Celebrity Special
9 June 2018 Over 50s Special
16 June 2018 Celebrity Special

Episodes and ratings[edit]

Episode viewing figures from BARB.[5]

Series 1 (2010)[edit]


     – Successful dates
     – Got a blackout, but later dated another contestant
# Airdate No. of couples First couple Second couple Third couple Fourth couple Viewers (millions) ITV weekly ranking
1 2 January 2010 3 Jim and Caroline Greg (n/a) Rob and Jo-Jo Adam and Charlene 3.87 22
2 9 January 2010 3 Joel (n/a) Ibrahim and Maria Alan and Lia-Jay Oliver and Louisa 4.72 29
3 16 January 2010 4 Kevin and Nicola David and Georgee Oliver and June Tony and Jamie 4.74 18
4 23 January 2010 4 Tom and Cally Robert Alston and Tandie Boyd and Lindsey Stefano and Joanne 4.92 20
5 30 January 2010 3 Jamie and Kelly Darren (n/a) Stefan and Becka James and Laura 4.87 20
6 6 February 2010 3 Jonathan and Helen Nathan and Shakira Gregor (n/a) Darren and Josephine 5.42 19
7 13 February 2010 3 Arton and Crystal James and Claire-Louise Thomas (n/a) Sammy and Nat 4.71 19
8 20 February 2010 3 Tom and Sarah Jack and Emily Christian (n/a) Ben and Daisy 5.39 17

Series 2 (2010–11)[edit]

# Airdate No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers (millions) ITV weekly ranking
1 (9) 11 December 2010 3 Danny and Vicky Adrian (n/a) Alistair and Alisha Iain and Fern 5.96 18
2 (10) 18 December 2010 3 James (n/a) Dan and Alice Samson and Amy Silky and Holly-Jade 5.10 14
3 (11) 1 January 2011 3 Stuart and Pegah Fabian and Kay Darren and Laura Kristen (n/a) Under 3.05 Outside top 30
4 (12) 8 January 2011 4 Scott and Kieney John and Lisa Chi and Cheryl David and Donna 3.98 29
5 (13) 15 January 2011 3 Harry and Joanne David (n/a) Richie and Tasha Gary and Elle 4.27 23
6 (14) 22 January 2011 4 Brett and Viv Ian and Becky James and Abi-Scarlett Rob and Tanya 4.44 18
7 (15) 29 January 2011 4 John and Kerry Tez and Kayleigh Dan and Dawn Jake and Sami 4.29 18
8 (16) 5 February 2011 3 Dean and Maria Rick and Megan Robbie (n/a) Richard and Jacqui 4.28 19
9 (17) 12 February 2011 3 Sam and Claire Charles and Carol Simon and Natalie Stephen (n/a) 4.74 18
10 (18) 19 February 2011 3 Ryan and Luissa Neil (n/a) Dan and Krista Dean and Jo-Jo 4.42 19
11 (19) 26 February 2011 4 Frankie and Nicole Riccardo and Vikki Michael and Julie Sonny and Samantha H 4.82 18
12 (20) 5 March 2011 4 Dave and Lucy Adam and Katie Chris and Kate Michael and Adele 5.03 17
13 (21) 12 March 2011 4 Anthony and Ellie Matt and Samantha Andrew and Peggy Dan and Lauren 4.89 20
14 (22) 19 March 2011 4 Dan and Nicola John and Holly Bobby and Jennifer James and Marysia 5.50 14

Series 3 (2012)[edit]

# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers (millions) ITV weekly ranking
1 (23) 7 January 2012 3 Ben and Joanna N/A (George) Aaron and Wen^ Adam and Mimi 4.93 16
2 (24) 14 January 2012 3 N/A (Olly) Marty and Bianca Jermaine and Roxi Jack and Lizz 4.94 17
3 (25) 21 January 2012 4 Ollie and Emily Danny and Katy Tomas and Abi Ben and Ashleigh 4.68 17
4 (26) 28 January 2012 4 Tony and Sofia Norman and Steph Fabio and Carrie Bobby and Bainsey 4.52 20
5 (27) 4 February 2012 4 Andy and Grace Francis and Cate Jake and Holly Damion and Chelsea614 4.95 18
6 (28) 11 February 2012 22 Amar (n/a) Olly and Mollie Will (n/a) Ross and Ciara 5.47 16
7 (29) 18 February 2012 3 Liam and Lucy James and Fleur Ben and Steph Judi and Mike3 4.92 15
8 (30) 25 February 2012 3 Lee and Toni Whyte (n/a) Charlie and Danielle John and Bec 5.15 18
9 (31) 3 March 2012 4 Michael and Sophie David & Bethany Ekene and Chloe Ollie and Natacha 4.79 19
10 (32) 10 March 2012 3 Ben and Jude Charles and Stephanie Renny and Charlotte Rory and Jade A4 4.47 19
11 (33) 17 March 2012 4 Mikey and Jamie Jit and Gracie Kenny and Becca Billy and Emma 4.94 17
12 (34) 24 March 2012 4 Greg and Jo Bambos and Katie Matt and Fiona Jarvis and Hannah5 4.71 18
13 (35) 31 March 2012 3 Lee (n/a) Doug and Steph Luke and Cony Rob and Annie 4.58 16
14 (36) 7 April 2012 4 Tony and Lisa Oba and Kirsten Dave and Daniella14 David and Lucy7 4.28 17


  • ^Note 1 : The date segment of contestant Wen scoring a date with freelance journalist Aaron was axed from the programme after it transpired that Aaron had a criminal conviction for punching a woman, had worked as a male escort, and also had a long-term girlfriend; and that Wen was in fact a prostitute for a short period.[6]
  • ^Note 2 : Two blackouts occurred in one programme, becoming the first time this had ever occurred on the show.
  • ^Note 3 : The studio segment of contestant Judi scoring a date with builder Mike was axed from the programme, after it transpired that Mike was known to the police as a suspected sex offender. Judi did not return to the show.
  • ^Note 4 : The studio segment of contestant Jade scoring a date with banker Rory was axed from the programme, after it transpired that Rory was serving a suspended sentence for common assault. Jade did not return to the show.
  • ^Note 6 : Chelsea revealed on the 7 April episode of Take Me Out: The Gossip that she and Ben, the first contestant of the series, were getting married.
  • ^Note 7 : David set a record for having the highest number of girls left in the final round in the third series, with 27 leaving their light on after round three. Amy Childs also later went on to date David.

Series 4 (2012)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers (millions) ITV weekly ranking
1 (37) 6 October 2012 2 Leigh and Chloe-Marie Drew (n/a) Dyneal and Lily James (n/a) 3.25 25
2 (38) 13 October 2012 4 Paul and Chanelle Ben (n/a)8 Chris and Nadia Will and Oli
Henry and Meggan9
3.35 23
3 (39) 20 October 2012 4 Ryan and Jordan Yinka and Jo10 Chad and Fleur Jonny and Ruby 3.23 27
4 (40) 27 October 2012 3 Ed and Lucy Robin and Jamilah Wez 16 Sam and Natalie 3.70 19
5 (41) 3 November 2012 3 Myko (n/a)11 Chris and Ella Amar and Charlotte Chiles and Ruth Under 3.04 Outside top 30
6 (42) 10 November 2012 3 Jase and Dannika12 Jim (The Beatboxer) and Erica Marco and Jo Darrell (n/a) Under 3.08 Outside top 30
7 (43) 17 November 2012 4 Matt and Leah Pete and Katie Sam and Samantha Luke and Rachel 3.06 28
8 (44) 24 November 2012 4 Giles and Anglea Dan and Kate Hugh and Emily Joe and Edelle Under 3.10 Outside top 30
9 (45) 1 December 2012 3 Micky and Danielle George and Emma Iain (n/a) Jordan and Victoria13 Under 3.09 Outside top 30
10 (46)15[7] 15 December 2012 3 Joe and Lois16 Matt and Natalie Keith and Piri n/a 4.04 14


  • ^Note 8 : Ben was the only contestant this series to receive a blackout on the second round (as opposed to the third and final round).
  • ^Note 9 : Will and Henry became the first pair of twins to come down the love lift, and go on a double date with their chosen dates.
  • ^Note 10 : In the final round, Yinka let his little brother, Jono, choose which of the two girls he should pick out of all of the remaining lights.
  • ^Note 11 : Despite the fact that Myko got a blackout, he later began dating Erica (who originally got a date with Jim from episode 6). Erica admitted that she regretted turning her light off for him.
  • ^Note 12 : Jase set a record (at the time) for having the highest number of ladies left in the final round in the fourth series, with 23 girls leaving their light on after round three.
  • ^Note 13 : Jordan became the first contestant in the history of Take Me Out to still have all 30 girls with their lights on in the final round.
  • ^Note 14 : Damion and Daniella returned to Take Me Out: The Gossip in October, and revealed that they were getting married.
  • ^Note 15 : Celebrity special.
  • ^Note 16 : Lois later took part in the quiz show The Chase[8]

Series 5 (2013)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers (millions) ITV weekly ranking
1 (47) 5 January 2013 3 Ben and Lily Param (n/a) Adam and Lucy-May Jason and Jo 4.13 18
2 (48) 12 January 2013 3 Sam and Georgia Will (n/a) Dan and Danni Troy and Naomi 4.38 19
3 (49) 19 January 2013 3 Adam (n/a) Stephen and Bianca Callum and Nikita Kirk and Daisy 4.47 19
4 (50) 26 January 2013 4 Matt and Megan Chris and Kate Will and Thuy Morakinyo and Claire 3.97 21
5 (51) 2 February 2013 4 Stuart and Robyn Sen and Jade Russell and Miki Gavin and Gemma 4.01 19
6 (52) 9 February 2013 4 Chris and Janet Ashley and Rach James and Daniella David and George 3.58 21
7 (53) 16 February 2013 3 Joe and Julia Matt and Charlotte Glenn and Alanna Owen (n/a) 3.80 16
8 (54) 23 February 2013 4 Tom and Naomi Henry and Rachel Ben and Emma Joe and Chloe 4.13 21

Series 6 (2014)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (55) 4 January 2014 4 Adam and Leanne Jason and Lisa Ellison and Coryn Sam and Sadie 4.03 20
2 (56) 11 January 2014 2 Grant (n/a) Gavin and Sharon Baffoe (n/a) Fergus and Dolly 4.05 19
3 (57) 18 January 2014 4 Ryan and Chloe Damon and Katie Travis and Nicole James and Colette 3.92 19
4 (58) 25 January 2014 4 Lew and Amanda Oscar and Lici Adam and Stacey Danny and Jodie 3.69 21
5 (59) 1 February 2014 3 Jay and Marley Frankie and Natasha Paul (n/a) Ashley and Georgia 3.31 26
6 (60) 8 February 2014 3 Ed and Jenny Richard (n/a) Arry and Gemma Aran and Bethany 3.20 25
7 (61) 15 February 2014 4 Andrew and Amy Mikey and Kate Josh and Olivia Paul and Lily-Mae 3.30 28
8 (62) 22 February 2014 4 Michael and Clarissa Jason and Sophie David and Zoe Vincent and Kayleigh 3.64 19
Girls from Series 6

Series 7 (2015)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (63) 3 January 2015 4 Ash and Daisy Scott and Kat17 Steve and Gabriella Craig and Natalie 2.76 22
2 (64) 10 January 2015 4 Peter and Becky Liam and Chloe Colin and Melanie Chris and Jade 3.04 23
3 (65) 17 January 2015 3 Andrew and Kayleigh Jamie and Christina Matt (n/a) Ross and Sophie 3.00 21
4 (66) 24 January 2015 4 Lewis and Natasha Archie and Rosie Adam and Aimee-Jayne Scott and Dan 2.83 25
5 (67) 31 January 2015 4 Rob and Kim Ryan and Amy Karl and Rachel Jamie and Alision 2.80 23
6 (68) 7 February 2015 3 Liam and Emily Jonathan (n/a) Nick and Looci Glenn and Alicia 3.08 19
7 (69) 14 February 2015 4 Seeb and Holly-Jane Ben and Dani Will and Harriette Phil and Christina 2.96 20
8 (70) 21 February 2015 4 Rich and Natasha Joe and Naomi Ashely and Lauren Ross and Anusha 3.75 15
9 (71) 28 February 2015 3 Darian and Stephanie Tony and Shadz Ben and Whitney Aaron (n/a) 3.24 19
10 (72) 7 March 2015 4 Leslie and Marian Alan and Kirsty Cole and Sophie Pete and Kate 3.06 20
Girls from Series 7


  • ^Note 17 : On the last episode of the series, whilst looking at the dates from the episode, Scott and Kat returned, saying that they were celebrating their 10-week anniversary in Fernando's.

Series 8 (2016)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (73) 2 January 2016 3 Freddie and Laura Nik (n/a) Joe and Megan Gaz and Charlotte (1) 3.24 14
2 (74) 9 January 2016 3 Rhys and Darcie Ellis and Gina Ola (n/a) Sam and Joanna 2.80 29
3 (75) 16 January 2016 4 Mitch and Vivienne Adam and Laura Nathan and Chloe Rick and Ashleigh 3.12 21
4 (76) 23 January 2016 3 James and Bev David and Ella Sam and Margarita Al (n/a) 2.83 25
5 (77) 30 January 2016 4 Paul and Terezita Harry and Amy David and Emma (1) Ben and Lotte Under 2.85 Outside Top 30
6 (78) 6 February 2016 4 James and Beckie Josh and Leanne Ian and Charlotte (2) Ben and Em 3.01 23
7 (79) 13 February 2016 4 Keshav and Ruth Scott and Jemima Adam and Roberta Cory and Sophie (1) 2.96 21
8 (80) 20 February 2016 4 Luke and Andrea Nathan and Cat James and Shelley David and Nandini 3.30 18
9 (81) 27 February 2016 4 Louis and Lee Tom and Jodie Patrick and Lacey Jon and Trudy 2.99 22
10 (82) 5 March 2016 4 John and Alice Andrew and Soph Ian and Ndana Jono and Sophie (2) 2.87 23
Girls from Series 8

Specials (Christmas 2016 & Valentine's Day 2017)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (83) 31 December 2016 3 Thom and Tabitha Roman and Jodie Ritchie and Lolly N/A 2.32 29
2 (84) 19 February 2017 3 James and Shauni Nile and Laura Melvin and Jordan N/A 2.31[9] Outside Top 30

Series 9 (2017)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (85) 15 April 2017 3 Mike and Kirstin Dave (n/a) Conrad and Corinne Daniel and Ciara 3.25 17
2 (86) 22 April 2017 4 Ricardo and Helen Charlie and Jo-Tara Harry and Tasha Dan and Kate 3.28 18
3 (87) 29 April 2017 4 Rixy and Krystal Luke and Em Bayo and Miriam Tommy and Cara-Jane 3.05 27
4 (88) 6 May 2017 4 Steve and Sarah Diego and Phillipa Ryan and Paige Michael and Aneeka 3.62 18
5 (89) 13 May 2017 4 Neale and Anna Ben and Emily Jonny and Charley Will and Han 3.32 20
6 (90) 20 May 2017 4 Dathan and Shelley George and Hannah Nick and Katy-Jay Scott and Nicola 3.48 16
7 (91) 27 May 2017 4 Dee and May Johnny and Gillian Declan and Rebecca Gee and Mimi 2.82 21
8 (92) 3 June 2017 4 Mitch and Vicky James and Becky Joey and Daisy Danny and Kaysha 1.76[10] Outside Top 30
Girls from Series 9

Series 10 (2018)[edit]


     – Successful dates
# Air date No. of couples 1st couple 2nd couple 3rd couple 4th couple Viewers
ITV weekly ranking
1 (93) 6 January 2018 4 Jordan and Lucia Phil and Bella18 Nick and Roxy Roscoe and Debi 3.98 25
2 (94) 13 January 2018 4 Dan and Alex Karim and Clarice Jimmy and Jess Sean and Sharlene
3 (95) 20 January 2018 3 Callum and Zoe Sean (n/a) Will and Lexi Sam and Georgia
4 (96) 27 January 2018 4 Ryan and Ieva Cordell and Amberlee Brian and Tanya Lee and Chrissie
5 (97) 3 February 2018 4 Glenn and Luce Harrison and Joanna Jack and Rosie Lloyd and Louise
6 (98) 10 February 2018 4 Josh and Rikki-Lee Martin and Fiona Daniel and Hannah Tai and Bianca-Maria
7 (99) 17 February 2018 3 Steve (n/a) George and Olivia James and Han Callum and Danielle
8 (100)19 24 February 2018 TBA
Girls from Series 10


  • ^Note 18 : Bella was going to turn her light off during Round 3 but was so engaged in Phil's performance, she never did.
  • ^Note 19 : This episode was a celebrity special, and for the first time ever, females got to pick the males they wanted to date. This was also the show's 100th episode.

Take Me Out: The Gossip[edit]

Take Me Out: The Gossip was a behind-the-scenes sister show that began airing weekly on ITV2 from series 3-5 and 7-9, following the broadcast of the main programme. Most recently, it was presented by Laura Jackson and Mark Wright.[11] Zoe Hardman previously hosted the show with Wright.

A similar format, previously broadcast online, featuring backstage gossip and interviews with the contestants, was regularly made available on itv.com just hours after the broadcast of the main programme.

International versions[edit]



Take Me Out has proven popular with the public, generally pulling over 3 million viewers per episode.

Critical reception[edit]

In its early days, Take Me Out was reviewed negatively by critics. Shortly after the second series began in December 2010, The Guardian's Tim Dowling said that, "When you strip away its tired, utterly false premise, all that remains of Take Me Out is a lot of flashing lights and some scripted innuendo delivered in a range of regional accents."[12] Reviewing the show after the second series concluded in March 2011, Manchester Grouch of Manchester Central wrote: "ITV should consider renaming the show 'Desperate Moron Lift Disco'" and concluded the review by comparing it to "...a drunken Saturday night out that ends up in a dodgy club having a quick fumble with that girl from the hairdressers you’ve been eyeing up all week."[13] Writing for the Metro during the third series of the show in January 2012, Rachel Tarley said that Take Me Out was the "death knell for feminism disguised as entertainment".[14]

However, after the beginning of the fifth series in January 2013, Julia Raeside, also writing for The Guardian, admitted that the show had become "must-see TV" and was "a worthy successor to Blind Date": "...when Take Me Out noisily barged its way on to the Saturday night schedules in 2010, it was too much for me. The little I'd seen of it put me off trying a whole episode...But about a series ago, Take Me Out really started to grow on me. One night, out of sheer laziness, I didn't bother to switch over – and now they've got me. I don't like nightclubs and I cover my upper arms at all times. But the women behind those podiums, however much I fail to identify with them for wanting to be on TV with their armpits constantly on show, make it gripping viewing."[15]

Jim Brown[edit]

Wrestler Jim Brown, the first contestant on the first series, was accused of continually harassing his date Caroline Mellor despite the fact that their date did not work out. Caroline claimed to receive numerous phone calls and texts from him for over four months. Jim was later also charged with possession of child pornography on his computer.[16] Prior to this, Jim was caught pleasuring himself in a Wishaw Sports Centre cubicle, which alerted the police to investigate him.[17] On 21 March 2014, Jim was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for flouting a ban on going near children.[18]

Wen-Jing Mo and Aaron Withers[edit]

The date segment of contestant Wen-Jing Mo scoring a date with construction worker Aaron Withers was axed from the programme after it transpired that Aaron had a criminal conviction for punching a woman, had worked as an escort, and also had a long-term girlfriend, and that Wen-Jing had also worked as an escort for a short period ten years previously.[6]

Damion Merry[edit]

The studio segment of contestant Chelsea Stewart scoring a date with model Damion Merry caused controversy when broadcast. During the third and final round, it became apparent that Damion used to date reality television series personality Jodie Marsh, and he later told one of the girls who had turned her light off, Lucy Harrold, that he would have picked her, offending all the girls who still had their lights on.[19] It later transpired that not only was Damion not single at the time the programme was filmed, he was also about to marry his girlfriend Sarah Ann Gras; the segment was broadcast a month after the wedding took place.[20] On This Morning, Marsh later denied having ever dated Damion, saying: "I tell you what, this guy - I went on one date with him, one date...We had pictures in a nightclub, he sold the pictures to the TV show or whoever and gave 'em away and now, it's being told that we had a whole full blown relationship and that I was his ex-girlfriend."[21]

Rory Alexander[edit]

The studio segment of contestant Jade scoring a date with banker Rory Alexander was axed from the programme, after it transpired that Rory was serving a suspended sentence for common assault. Jade did not return to the show.[22]

Jarvis Walters[edit]

The studio segment of contestant Hannah Reville scoring a date with semi-professional footballer Jarvis Walters was axed from the programme, after it transpired that Jarvis had served a 12-month community order for assaulting another man in a nightclub in 2009. Hannah did not return to the show.[23]

Param Singh[edit]

Param Singh a Property Developer who appeared on Take Me Out Series 5 and 10 at a networking event in London

Many viewers were extremely offended when one of the girls, who had left her light on for contestant Param Singh, made a joke about contestant Param's turban, saying she was interested in him because she could use his turban to store her phone. Despite the fact Param himself took it light-heartedly, many Sikhs found this remark to be extremely offensive. Param later went on to describe the backlash that he received from sections of the Sikh community.[24] [25] [26]

Fakery claims[edit]

In 2012, several of the contestants accused the show's producers of telling them whom to choose on each episode. Female contestants complained that they were forced to choose men who they didn't find attractive, while some of the show's male contestants went home without a date after the girls were told not to choose them.

"The whole thing is totally misleading and leaves a whole lot of people feeling humiliated and exploited afterwards," one girl who had appeared on the show told the media.

"The producers pulled some of the girls in and said, 'If you’re waiting for George Clooney or Brad Pitt, they’re not coming',"

"They told us to keep our lights on for the next contestant, who was more than 10 years younger than me. I refused and was taken off."

Other female contestants reported that producers had told them to reject certain men even if they liked them because it made better television.[27][28][29][30]


Take Me Out is cited by the creators of the website tubecrush.net as being an influence for their website, as they saw it as an example of how the sexual objectification of men had become part of mainstream culture in the UK.[31]

10th anniversary[edit]

On 24 February 2018 Take Me Out celebrated its 10th anniversary on ITV with a special edition of the show where the roles were reversed, with four women choosing from 30 men.[32]

Take Me Out – The Album[edit]

Take Me Out – The Album is a 60-song compilation album, which was released 18 November 2013.[33]

Track listing[edit]

Board game[edit]

A board game was released on 3 August 2011 by Rocket Games which features host Paddy Mcguinness on the cover of the box. It contains: light and buzzer number unit, 100 single man cards, 50 the power is in your hand cards, 1 single girl pad, 12 isle of Fernando's vouchers, coloured dice and rules.[34]


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