Take Me to Your Heart Again

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Take Me to Your Heart Again
Lulu Take Me To Your Heart Again Cover.jpg
Studio album by Lulu
Released 1982
Recorded 1982
Genre Pop, Pop Rock
Label Alfa Records
Producer Mark London
Lulu chronology
Take Me to Your Heart Again
Shape Up and Dance

Take Me to Your Heart Again is a 1982 album by Lulu, released on Alfa Records.


The album was produced by Mark London, who had produced Lulu's two previous albums, Lulu (1981) and Don't Take Love For Granted (1978). Although promo singles of the album cuts "I Will Do If For Your Love" and "Take Me to Your Heart Again" were issued in the UK, with videos prepped for both tracks,[citation needed] the album was only subject to limited release in Australia and Japan, and was not successful. Lulu would not release another album of new material until the Independence album, released in 1993.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Will Do It For Your Love" (Chris Rea)
  2. "Nobody Needs Your Love More Than I Do" (Randy Newman)
  3. "You Had to Be There" (Peter Frampton, Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick)
  4. "Go Now" (Larry Banks, Milton Bennett)
  5. "I Don't Go Shopping" (Peter Allen, David Lasley)
  6. "Let Her Go" (Bob Corbin, David Hanner)
  7. "You're Working Nights Now" (Neil Harrison)
  8. "If You Steal My Heart Away" (Steve Swindells)
  9. "How Can I Believe You" (Neil Harrison)
  10. "Take Me to Your Heart Again" (Jeb Million)