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In an image from the Take Root website, members of Take Root hold their own missing child posters

Take Root, a non-profit organization established on a grant from the United States Department of Justice,[1][2][3] is the first missing-child organization ever founded by former abducted children.[4][5] Founded in 2003 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2005, over five hundred former abducted children have participated, providing peer support to fellow former abducted children, advocating on child-abduction issues from the child-victim's perspective, and providing landmark information on the victimology of child-abduction to multidisciplinary professionals, impacted families, and the public.[5] The agency's mission is to "insert the voice of the primary victim into public and policy discussions on abduction, using the collected wisdom of former missing-children to improve America's missing-child response." Their tags-line are "beyond recovering missing-children; to helping missing-children recover" and, "where missing children are seen and heard." Take Root is the brain child of Melissa "Liss" Haviv, a Fulbright Scholar in cultural anthropology and former abduction victim who is considered a leading expert in the victimology of long term child abduction [5][6][7][8]

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