Take a Whiff on Me

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"Take a Whiff On Me"
Published 1934 by John Lomax and Alan Lomax
Writer(s) Traditional
Language English
Recorded by Lead Belly, Cisco Houston, Woody Guthrie, Memphis Jug Band

"Take a Whiff on Me" (Roud 10062) is an American folk song, with references to the use of cocaine. It is also known as "Take a Whiff (on Me)", "Cocaine Habit", and "Cocaine Habit Blues".


This song was collected by John and Alan Lomax from Iron Head and Lead Belly, as well as other sources.


Print versions[edit]

  • American Ballads and Folk Songs, John Lomax and Alan Lomax, 1934 as "Honey, Take a Whiff on Me"
  • Mission Mountain Wood Band "Take a Whiff on Me" 1970