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Cover of the first volume of Takemitsuzamurai
Written byIssei Eifuku
Illustrated byTaiyō Matsumoto
Published byShogakukan
MagazineBig Comic Spirits
Original run20062010
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Takemitsuzamurai or Takemitsu Zamurai (Japanese: 竹光侍) is a Japanese historical samurai seinen manga series written by Issei Eifuku and illustrated by Taiyō Matsumoto. It's published in Japan by Shogakukan on Big Comic Spirits magazine and in Spain by Glénat.[2][3] It is composed of eight volumes, the first published in Japan on 15 December 2006 and the last on 28 April 2010.[4]


Takemitsu Zamurai follows the story of masterless samurai Senō Sōichirō.[5]


It won the Excellence Prize in the Manga Division at the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2007.[6] It also won the Grand Prize at the 15th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2011.[7] It was nominated for Best Comic at the 2012 Angoulême International Comics Festival.[8]


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