Takeo Ando

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Takeo Ando
Full nameTakeo Ando
Born (1938-09-11) September 11, 1938 (age 80)
Tokyo, Japan
ResidenceJapan Tokyo, Japan
TeacherTomoe Ito
PupilNorimoto Yoda,
Cho Sonjin,
Tomomi Nakaonoda,
Kanda Ei,
Arimura Hiroshi,
Tominaga Takeshi,
Takuji Yamada
Rank9 dan

Takeo Ando (安藤 武夫, Andō Takeo, born September 11, 1938 in Tokyo, Japan), also known as Takeo Suzuki, is a professional Go player.[1]


Takeo served as the chief director of the Japanese go organization, the Nihon Ki-in, for many years up until his retirement in 2000. He is known for being the teacher of many strong players including Norimoto Yoda. Cho Sonjin, Tomomi Nakaonoda, and Kanda Ei. Takeo's other pupils include Arimura Hiroshi, Tominaga Takeshi, and Yamada Takuji.


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