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Takeshi Mori (もりたけし Mori Takeshi?) is a Japanese anime director, storyboard artist, and script writer born October 10, 1963 in Tokyo, Japan.[1][2] After graduating from Waseda University, Mori began working in the anime industry.[1]

He began working in 1986 at Ajia-do Animation Works as an in-between animation artist before moving on to key animation work. From there, he worked as a storyboard artist and producer for the NTV/Studio Pierrot TV series Moeru! Onii-san. After being impressed by the OVA series Top o Nerae!, he began working for Gainax. After working as a storyboard artist on Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Mori directed the series Edokko Boy Gatten Tasuke.[2] More recent series he has directed include Vandread, Ruin Explorers Fam & Ihrlie, Meltylancer, and Stratos 4.[2]

Throughout his career, he has used the pen names Shin Nemoto (根本 清 Nemoto Shin?), Inumakura (いぬまくら?),[3] and Urano Kantoku (浦野 寛徳?) (the last meaning "behind the scenes director"). He is the son of former Chunichi Dragons #4 batter Tōru Mori (森 徹 Mori Tōru?).




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