Takht Jamshid Cup

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Takht Jamshid Cup
جام تخت جمشید
Country  Iran
Confederation AFC
Founded 1973
Folded 1979
Divisions 1
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Division 2
Domestic cup(s) Hazfi Cup
International cup(s) Asian Club Championship
Most championships Persepolis, Pas Tehran (2 titles)

The Takht Jamshid Cup (Persian: جام تخت جمشید‎‎) was a national football league based in Iran which lasted from 1973 to 1978.


Persepolis; the inaugural champion of Takht Jamshid Cup

In early 1970s Iran, football had become a very popular sport and several local leagues existed in various cities. Eventually the football federation of the time decided that a national league with a format similar to that which European clubs followed was necessary. This led to the creation of the Takht Jamshid Cup. The name Jamshid is an important party of ancient Iranian history, and the league was named as such to emphasize the greatness of the ancient Persians.

In 1973 the league officially started. The league followed a home and away format, with the club having the most points being declared champion. Most clubs involved in the league were connected to a government organization, but some clubs were privately owned (Persepolis F.C.). Addiontally clubs from all regions of Iran participated in the league. Persepolis became champions of the inaugural season of the league. The league was found to be very popular with fans and it continued functioning until the Iranian Revolution which caused the league to shut down halfway through the season.

After the revolution, because of the Iran–Iraq War, a national league was not established until some time later, under a different name. The Takht Jamshid Cup, despite its short lifespan, can be considered the first national football league in Iran and was extremely influential in improving Iran's football.

Takht Jamshid Cup Champions[edit]

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1973–74 Persepolis Taj Pas
1974–75 Taj Persepolis Homa F.C.
1975–76 Persepolis Homa F.C. Pas
1976–77 Pas Persepolis Shahbaz
1977–78 Pas Persepolis Malavan
1978–79 Not Completed due to 1979 Revolution

Shahbaz F.C. was league leader when in autumn 1978 the season was canceled.

Total Titles[edit]

Runner Up
3rd place
Persepolis 2 (1973–74), (1975–76) 3 (1974–75), (1976–77), (1977–78) -
Pas Tehran 2 (1976–77), (1977–78) - 2 (1973–74) (1975–76)
Taj 1 (1974–75) 1 (1973–74) -
Homa F.C. - 1 (1975–76) 1 (1974–75)
Shahbaz - - 1 (1976–77)
Malavan - - 1 (1977–78)

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