Taking Back the Night Life

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Taking Back The Night Life
Taking Back the Night Life.jpg
Studio album by Liferuiner
Released June 24, 2008 (2008-06-24)
Genre Hardcore Punk, Metalcore, Deathcore
Length 40:34
Label Uprising Records/This City Is Burning
Producer Jamie King
Liferuiner chronology
No Saints
Taking Back The Night Life
'Sons of Straight Edge EP'

Taking Back The Night Life is the second full-length album by the Canadian straight edge Hardcore Punk band Liferuiner and also their first album on Uprising Records. In early April 2008, the pre-production demo tracks of the entire album were released on multiple P2P clients. The band stated in an April 19th blog that this leaked version was not the complete album and they had yet to mix, master, and rearrange some of the tracks. The band did however release the first single "MegaDEATH" on April 29th and noted that it was in fact a final, album version.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A Ticket To The Pussy Crusher" - 1:01
  2. "Doug Burns To Death" - 2:09
  3. " You Look Better When You're Drunk" - 3:11
  4. "You Use Dirt As A Metaphor For Life" - 2:19
  5. "MegaDEATH" - 3:04
  6. "Americant" - 3:39
  7. "Ham Hands Lives" - 2:59
  8. "Taking Back The Night Life" - 2:55
  9. "Bad Rock Anthem" - 2:22
  10. "Amaranthine" - 2:16
  11. "Chernobyll" - 14:39 (includes hidden track "xSMDx")


  • Jonny O'Callaghan - Vocals
  • Andrew McColl - Guitar
  • Sebastian Lueth - Guitar
  • Ernie Berces- Bass
  • Shane Tyrer - Drums
  • Produced by Jamie King
  • Composer: Billy Jack HardCore (on tracks: 3, 5, 11) in West Hollywood, CA


https://myspace.com/therealliferuiner https://myspace.com/riteofpassagerecords/