Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat

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Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat
Takkay ki Ayegi Baraat.jpg
Title screen
Pictured, left to right: Laila, Vicky, Mushtaq aka Takka, Sooki, Nabeel & Dolly.
Art by M.Ali Khan.
Genre Comedy-drama
Written by Vasay Chaudhry
Directed by Marina Khan
Creative director(s) Tahir Nadeem
Starring Bushra Ansari
Ali Safina
Javed Sheikh
Saba Hameed
Samina Ahmad
Shehryar Zaidi
Alishba Yousuf
Ahsan Khan
Natasha Ali
Raheel Butt
Sana Askari
Uroosa Siddiqui
Opening theme Chal Makhna
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 17 (aired) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Nadeem Baig
Producer(s) EVERNEW
Location(s) Karachi, Sindh
Faisalabad, Punjab
Editor(s) Khurram A. Siddiqui
Running time Approximately 40 Minutes
Distributor GEO TV
Original network GEO TV
Picture format PDTV 360i
Original release 23 June 2011 (2011-06-23)
Preceded by Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat
Followed by Annie ki Ayegi Baraat
Related shows Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat
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Takkay ki Ayegi Baraat is a Pakistani comedy-drama that aired on Geo TV from June 2011 to October 2011. The third instalment of its kind, it is a continuation of the hit Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat[1] in the Evernew's popular storyline of Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat. The show includes most of the characters from Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat, and focuses on the story of Mustaq (or "Takkay") and Sila's friend Sukena. Takkay ki Ayegi Baraat is written by Vasay Chaudry who had co written the previous serial as well. The character of Sila, previously played by Sarwat Gilani and Ayesha Omar in the first and second serials respectively, is played by Alishba Yousuf. This is the third time the character of Sila has been played by a different actress. And the character of Azar (played by Hassan Niazi in the previous two serials) is now played by Ahsan Khan.


Set around three months after Nabeel & Dolly's marriage. Sooki and Mushtaq have taken their relationship further and now have confessed to their parents to arrange their marriage. However things are not gone be as easy as they thought as the Sooki's mom has kept a condition that is gone be impossible for Mushtaq and his family to accept. Mustaq's legitimate education certificate.

Meanwhile, Faraz is on search of someone to finance his directional debut feature film, and the only guy he finds wants to marry Rabia's mom & Rabia tries to convince her mother to forget an event from her past. While Azar suffers from his job, Vicky needs to decide what he wants to do with his life & what are his feelings for Laila. In the end everything goes well and Mushtaq and Sooki gets married happily.



The current series have been shot in Karachi & Faisalabad in accordance with the previous series. A preview of the Karachi Fashion Week was also shown in the first episode.


The title song was sung by Shazia Manzoor & Raju from the band Rhythm And Bhangra (RNB) & four promotional videos was advertised on GEO. The song titled Chan Makhna is said to be medley of Shazia's popular song Chan Makhna & Wari Warsi (another popular song that has been sung in many version across India & Pakistan). The promotional video featured the complete cast of the drama except Manzoor Qureshi.[2] The complete song was featured in Episode 16 of the serial & featured special appearance from Reema Khan to promote her film Love Mein Ghum.


Takkay ki ayegi baraat received more 18,000 likes on Facebook[3][4] & received a rating of 4.5/5 from TVKahani.com[5] which praised the acting of Manzoor Qureshi & Bushra Ansari, but criticized a weaker plot as compared to Dolly ki ayegi baraat & the low limelight bestowed upon characters like Dolly, Azar, Sila, & Rabia, in the next season this problem was improved, because of Immense popularity the whole series will air in India on channel Zee Zindagi.


TVKahani stated that due to the highest ratings achieved by Takkay ki ayegi baraat till date on GEO, EVERNEW has also made Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat which includes wedding of Laila with Vikky and Nani with Khalid Bhanji and The wedding of Annie Also Cousin of Silla.


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