Takoyaki Mantoman

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Takoyaki Mantoman
Picture book series

Released from July 1990 to June 1999

Anime television series
Directed by Masami Anno
Akira Shigino (Series Director)
Produced by Kyoko Kobayashi (TV Tokyo)
Naoyuki Oshikiri (Pierrot)
Kyotaro Kimura (Pierrot)
Written by Yoshio Urasawa
Music by Kazunori Maruyama
Studio Studio Pierrot
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run April 4, 1998September 25, 1999
Episodes 77
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Takoyaki Mantoman (たこやきマントマン) is an anime about caped crime fighting takoyaki done in the style of a super sentai show done by the Japanese animation company Studio Pierrot. It ran from 1998 to 1999. The anime was based on a series of children's picture books published in the 1990s.

The theme song is written by Isako Saneyoshi.[1]


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