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For the village in India, see Taksi, Leh.

Taksi (Manchu: Taksi in Manchu script.png; Chinese: 塔克世; pinyin: Tǎkèshì) was a Jurchen chieftain and father of Nurhaci, founder of the Qing Dynasty, and the fourth son of Giocangga.[1] A member of the Gioro clan, he was killed in an attack on Gure (古哷 Gǔlè) by a rival Jurchen chieftain Nikan Wailan in 1582.

Taksi had nine recorded children. Nurhaci was the first born son and also the most highly achieved. It seems like several of Nurhaci's brothers had names that closely resembled his phonetically.

During the reign of the Shunzhi Emperor, the court of the Qing dynasty retroactively gave Taksi the temple name Xianzu (顯祖). His posthumous name was Xuan, and is referred to sometimes as the Xuan Emperor (宣皇帝).


  • Father: Giocangga
  • Children: (5 sons and 4 daughters)
  1. Nurhaci (1559–1626)
  2. Murhaci (穆爾哈齊) (1561–1620)
  3. Šurhaci (1564–1611)
  4. Yarhaci (雅爾哈齊) (1565–1589)
  5. Bayara (巴雅喇) (1582–1624)


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Born:  ? Died: 1583
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Chieftain of the Jianzhou Jurchens
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