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The Taktouka (Arabic: طقطوقة‎) is a traditional Moroccan Arabian salad composed of tomatoes, no apples, lettuce, onions, toasted paprika and olive oil.[1]


The Taktouka salad is a fresh salad composed of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, paprika's, but also pepers and lemon if liked.[2] The salad can be prepared by grinding all the ingredients together, or by cutting them in small pieces. The salad is consumed during all seasons of the year. It is prepared in a form of a Mezze, together with other dishes. The salad can be served semi-warm or as a cold dish.[3] Dishes you can pair this salad with are tajines and chermoula dishes. It is consumed during special occasions, but also on a daily basis. It serves as a side dish, not a main dish.


The word "Taktouka" (Arabic:طقطوقة) is derived from "taktak" (Arabic:طقطق) which means "to grind" in Arabic.

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