Tala, Jalisco

Coordinates: 20°40′N 103°42′W / 20.667°N 103.700°W / 20.667; -103.700
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Municipality and town
Coat of arms of Tala
Location of the municipality in Jalisco
Location of the municipality in Jalisco
Tala is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 20°40′N 103°42′W / 20.667°N 103.700°W / 20.667; -103.700
Country Mexico
 • Municipality389.24 km2 (150.29 sq mi)
 • Town7.51 km2 (2.90 sq mi)
1,820 m (5,970 ft)
 (2020 census)[1]
 • Municipality87,690
 • Density230/km2 (580/sq mi)
 • Town
 • Town density5,400/km2 (14,000/sq mi)
Area code384

Tala is a town and a municipality in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It is a small town that has grown over the years. Some major towns in the municipality are Tala (municipal seat), El Refugio, San Isidro Mazatepec, Cuisillos, and Ahuisculco.[2][3][4]


"Tlallan", "Tala" or "Land of labor". It was a manor ruled by Pythaloc who had under his jurisdiction Ahuitzculco, Ocotán, Nextipac and Xocotán. It is believed that its foundation dates back to 1126. Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán conquered it in 1530 and was evangelized in 1531 by Fray Antonio de Segovia, Fray Juan de Badillo and Fray Andrés de Córdova. The peninsular found the ruins of Cués or shrines scattered in the Tala Valley. The aborigines did not submit easily to the conquerors and had two battles with them. Tala was compromised in the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Nueva Galicia as a corregimiento. Its first ruler was Francisco Socorro Nuño de Guzmán who was the most combative aborigine, and Pedro Patiño de Guzmán was left in his place. In 1579 it was entrusted to Diego de Colio. Its inhabitants had a forest that they loved very much, being forced to cut it down when the Spaniards arrived. Out of sarcasm or contemptuously they began calling the town Talatitlán, degenerating into its current name. Throughout the colonial era, Tala retained its category of corregimiento. Since 1825 it belonged to the first Canton of Guadalajara and the department or party of Zapopan; and on that date Tala already had a town hall. On April 3, 1844 the town hall is established. Since 1847 it belonged to the 1st Canton of Guadalajara and the Department or Zapopan Party. In 1887 it has category of town. In 1995 Tala is elevated to the category of city. By 1890 the town of Tala included in its jurisdiction the following towns and farms: El Refugio, Cuisillos, Huaxtla, San Isidro, Ahuisculco, Santa Ana Tepetitlán and Navajas. In 1920 they are annexed to the municipality Cuxpala and San Isidro. By decree number 10211, published on January 10, 1980, it was decided that the population of Tala would rise to the category of city, having achieved higher rates of progress in the political, economic, cultural, social, demographic aspects; for its infrastructure works and in merit to the greatness and dignity of its inhabitants that are characterized by their civic, moral and intellectual qualities.


Historical Monuments[edit]

Temple of San Francisco de Asís, Chapel of the Rosary, Treasury of the Orendaín Refuge.

Archeological zones[edit]

In the Tala Valley there are scattered archeological vestiges of what in the pre-Hispanic era were shrines or cués. In the region they are known as Guachimonton.


The Caña Fair that takes place on the last days of April and the first of May. The Feasts of San Francisco de Asís that are celebrated from September 26 to October 4.


Mariachi & Banda


Handicrafts are made with obsidian and saddlery.

Traditional costumes[edit]

Main Church of Tala

The charro suit and the dress of poblana china.


Well and birria; piloncillo, dulce de leche and fruits in syrup; cane juice, punch and coffee with liquor, cane mezcal.

Touristic centres[edit]

The municipality has natural forests located in "La Primavera" Ahuisculco, Cerro de Las Garzas, Cerro Monte Negro, Las Navajas Hill and spas such as Los Tejabanes and El Rincón.


Municipal presidents[edit]

Municipal president Term Political party Notes
Manuel I. Gómez[5] 1918-1919
Pedro Romo Vivar 1921
Manuel I. Gómez 1921-1922
Dionisio M. Gómez 1923
Luis García Rodríguez 1924
Benito Navarro Castillo 1925
Luis García Rodríguez 1926
Juan Calderón Martínez 1927-1928
Benito Navarro Castillo 1928
Luis García Rodríguez 1929 PNR
Antonio López 1929 PNR
Francisco M. Gómez 1929 PNR
Benito Navarro Castillo 1930 PNR
Dionisio R. Mariscal 1931 PNR
Dionisio M. Gómez 1932-1933 PNR
J. Jesús Núñez Guzmán 1934 PNR
Mateo Romero López 1935 PNR
Pedro C. Castro 1936 PNR
Pedro Ramírez Calderón 1937 PNR
Blas Sepúlveda 1938 PNR
Francisco Rodríguez Z. 1938 PRM
Eleno Vega Mariscal 1939 PRM
Mateo Romero López 1940 PRM
Marcial Sayavedra 1941-1942 PRM
Pedro Ramírez Calderón 1943 PRM
Juan Zavala Rosales 1944 PRM
Eleno Vega Mariscal 1945-1946 PRM
Francisco López Suárez 1947-1949 PRI
J. Jesús Cortés Martínez 1950-1952 PRI
Francisco Checa Zavala 1953-1955 PRI
Espiridión López García 1956-1958 PRI
Adolfo Diéguez Palomera 1959-1961 PRI
Ramiro González Gómez 1962-1964 PRI
Carlos González Sánchez 1965-1967 PRI
J. Jesús Zavala Calderón 1968-1970 PRI
Carlos Rodríguez Rodríguez 1971-1973 PRI
Luis Arias Gómez 1974-1976 PRI
Antonio Murillo Rosales 1977-1979 PRI
Luis Arias Gómez 1980-1982 PRI
Javier Barragán Castro 1983-1985 PRI
J. Jesús Hernández Lira 1986-1988 PRI
J. Jesús Cortés Gómez 1989-1992 PARM
J. Rosario Zavala Quezada 1992-1995 PRI
Teresa Núñez Casas 1995-1997 PRI
Narciso Valdez Partida 1997 PRI Acting municipal president
José de Jesús Morales Delgadillo 1998-2000 PRD
Narciso Valdez Partida 2001-2003 PRI
María Elena Núñez Casas 2004-2006 PRI
Cipriano Aguayo Durán 2007-2009 PRD PT
Salvador Jorge Rivera Guerrero 2010-2012 PRD
Antonio López Orozco 2012-2015 PRI PVEM
Arturo Macías 2015 PRI Acting municipal president
Aarón César Buenrostro Contreras 2015-2018 PRI PVEM
Enrique Gabriel Buenrostro Ahued[6] 2018-2021 PAN PRD MC
José Luis López Cervantes 2021 PAN PRD MC Acting municipal president
Antonio Porfirio Casillas Díaz 2021- PRI


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