Talachulitna River

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Talachulitna River
Country United States of America
Basin features
Main source 2,350 ft (720 m)[1]
61°39′46″N 151°12′26″W / 61.66278°N 151.20722°W / 61.66278; -151.20722[2]
Beluga Mountain
River mouth 259 ft (79 m)[2]
61°52′2″N 151°24′51″W / 61.86722°N 151.41417°W / 61.86722; -151.41417Coordinates: 61°52′2″N 151°24′51″W / 61.86722°N 151.41417°W / 61.86722; -151.41417[2]
Skwentna River
Physical characteristics
Length 45 mi (72 km)[2]

The Talachulitna River[3] is a river in Alaska.

There are also:


Tanaina Indian name spelled "Tu-lu-shu-lit-na" by Lt. J. S. Herron, USA, in 1899.[2]


Heads on Beluga Mountain, flows South and North-West 45 miles (72 km) to Skwentna River, 56 miles (90 km) North-West of Tyonek, Alaska.[2]

This river begins at Judd Lake. It is inaccessible by road. And, it has its own support group.[6]

The Talachulitna is popular for fly-in rafting and fishing trips. There are special restrictions on fishing: rainbow trout & steelhead are "catch & release" only and only single-hook lures can be used.[7]

More information is available from a log of a 1976 river resource study for the Alaska State Division of Lands.[8]


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