Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary
Talakaveri valley.jpg
Designation Wildlife Sanctuary
Location Kodagu district, Karnataka, South India
Nearest City Madikeri Kodagu (Karnataka)
Coordinates 12°20′N 75°30′E / 12.333°N 75.500°E / 12.333; 75.500
Area 105 km²[1]
Date of Establishment 1987[1]
Visitation Unknown
Governing Body Karnataka Forest Department
IUCN category Not categorized

Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka state of South India. It is located in Kodagu district and is spread over 105 km². It borders with Ranipuram hills and Kottencheri hills in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

Flora and fauna[edit]

Albizia lebbeck, Artocarpus lakoocha, Dysoxylum malabaricum and Mesua ferrea' are some of the species of flora found here. Clawless otter, Asiatic Elephant, Bengal tiger, Stripe-necked mongoose and mouse deer are some of the animal species found here. Fairy bluebird, Malabar trogon and Broadbilled roller are some of the avian species found.


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