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Talamasca (or Talamaska) are a psychedelic trance music project based in Paris, France. It is a project of Cédric Dassulle, also known as DJ Lestat. Dassulle played piano for over 13 years and started his career as DJ in 1992. In 1995/96 he was resident DJ at the Rex Club in Paris. He was influenced by trance music that he played during parties and wanted to create his own. In 1996 he met the other co-founders Steve Eli and Xavier de Galloy, house music producers with their own music studio. Together they decided to cooperate on a trance project and founded Talamasca. Dassulle currently operates it as a solo project. His stage name is inspired by the Rice character Lestat. Dassulle has worked with other psytrance artists, including Nomad, Oforia, Space Cat, and Xerox. Talamasca also participated in founding the psytrance Label 3D Vision together with Christof Drouillet, DJ Mael and Javier Galloy. In 2004 Dassulle started his own label, Mind Control Records (also referencing Rice).

Talamasca's album Zodiac was released in 2003. It consists of 12 tracks, each named after a different Zodiac sign. His fourth album, Made in Trance, is a collaboration with other French musicians.




  • 2000 Beyond the Mask[5] (3D Vision) featuring Dj Mael, Domestic, Moshe Kenan
  • 2001 Musica Divinorum[6] (Spiral Trax International)
  • 2003 Zodiac[7] (3D Vision)
  • 2004 Made in Trance[8] (Mind Control Records) featuring Nomad, Life Extension, Schyzotrop, DJ Ananda, DJ Gui, DJ Neshama
  • 2007 Obsessive Dream[9] (Mind Control Records)
  • 2009 Talamasca XSI-One[10] (Mind Control Records/Parabola Music)
  • 2011 Talamasca & Mesmerizer - Make Some Noise [11] (Mind Control Records)
  • 2013 Psychedelic Trance (Dacru Records)
  • 2014 Level 9 (Dacru Records)
  • 2015 The Time Machine (Dacru Records)
  • 2017 " A Brief History of Goa Trance" (Dacru Records)
  • 2018 " We Gonna Rock The World (Dracu Records)

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