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Talat Chaiya (Thai: ตลาดไชยา, lit. Chaiya Market) is the one of two subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon) in the Chaiya district, Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand. It was founded as the center of Chaiya district in 1915 on the area of former Srivijaya city of Chaiya. It covers an area of 21.0 km² of municipal area and has a population of 5,549.


Ruins of the Srivijayan Wat Phra Kaew

Talat Chaiya was built on the east of Southern Railway in 1915 in the area of subdistrict (tambon) Thung. Before that, this area was called Ban Don Rongthong (Golden Factory Village) because the Chinese from Phumriang (the old city of Chaiya) had built a gold factory on it. When the royal government built the southern railway line passing it and built a railway station, people from Phumriang came to develop the new town on the area near a railway station.

The new town grew fast. The district office, police station, court and prison were built in the town. Finally, the area was made the separate subdistrict (tambon) Talat Chaiya in 1938.[1]

In 1956 4.12 km² of the tambon Talat Chaiya was given the status Sanitation district (sukhaphiban),[2] which was enlarged slightly in 1959.[3] It was upgraded to municipal status (thesaban tambon) in 1999 when all sanitary districts became subdistrict municipalities. In 2004 it was expanded to cover an area of 21 km² by including the area formerly under the Tambon administration organization Talat Chaiya.[4] The town now covers most of tambon Talat Chaiya and part of tambon Lamet.


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